A weekend treat: Spicy chicken burgers with avocado crema

Confession: I love burgers. Yes, there’s that little voice inside my head saying “you know, salads are much healthier!” and “you probably shouldn’t order fries with that!” and “you’re going to regret that tomorrow!” but I will always, and that is ALWAYS!,  be up for a good burger! (and to you, little voice: YES I should order fries with that and NO the only way I’ll regret this decision is if the burger turns out to be un-yummy!)

There’s a number of great burger places in Copenhagen. Halifax, for instance, is the obvious answer, but I’ve also written about a great burger place in Vesterbro and, most recently, Café von Fressen in Frederiksberg. If you’re looking for a good burger in Copenhagen, chances are you won’t be disappointed.

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But why not make a nice burger at home? If you’re looking for a slightly different recipe, here it is: A nice juicy patty of ground chicken with some chili and sharp red cheddar, topped off with a nice avocado crema – delicious! You can of course feel free to add any other toppings or condiments to the burger, for example I imaging that some crispy bacon would be AH-mazing!

burger 1

Spicy chicken burgers with avocado crema

(for 4 persons)

400g ground chicken

1 small red onion

50g grated red cheddar

1 egg

2 tbsp. bread crumbs

1 ripe avocado

2 tbsp. yoghurt or creme fraiche

4 burger buns

salt, pepper, chili powder, cumin

tomato and cucumber slices

if desired, other condiments (e.g. ketchup, mustard)

if desired, other ingredients (e.g. bacon)

Chop the onion into small cubes. Mix with ground chicken and grated cheddar, add egg and breadcrumbs and season with salt, pepper and chili powder (you can also opt to finely hack a red chili and use that instead). Form four burger patties and grill or fry in a pan. Ensure that they are done all the way since it’s chicken!

Cut avocado into cubes and put into the blending container of a stick blender. Add the yoghurt or creme fraiche. Season with salt and cumin. Blend until smooth. (Side note: Avocado and cumin is possibly one of my favorite combinations ever. They just go together so well. If you haven’t tried it, do so immediately!)

Toast the burger buns and cut in half. Put a patty on each bottom bun, top off with the avocado crema, tomato and cucumber slices as desired. I also used a little bit of sweet mustard and some ketchup on mine (because I LOVE ketchup. I will put it on anyhting. Seriously. If it’s not dessert, I might just put ketchup on it. Don’t judge me!).

Ignore the little voice in your head and serve with fries or potato wedges. You’re having a chicken burger. That’s healthy!

Spicy chicken burger with avocado crema
Spicy chicken burger with avocado crema

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