Beat the heat: Finding the best ice cream in Copenhagen

Beat the heat: Finding the best ice cream in Copenhagen

We are having ourselves a pretty awesome little summer here in Copenhagen the past couple of days, and it looks like it will continue for most of next week as well, if we are to believe the weather men:


So, what to do? Well, obviously there is nothing better than a big ol’ ice cream to help fight the heat. And I’ve been selflessly eating myself through heaps and heaps of the stuff in the name of research, and I’ve foud a couple of great places that I’d like to share with you so you can get your fix on a hot day!

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Social Food, Frederiksberg


Enjoying some delicious ice cream and doing good at the same time? Sounds awesome! Social Food supports social entrepreneurship and sustainable food production in Africa and produces chocolate, flødeboller, pralines and ice cream, which they sell in their two stores in Charlottelund and on Gammel Kongevej. Their ice cream is creamy and flavorful, and I highly recommend the 100% chocolate and peanut butter chocolate flavors!

Social Food – Gammel Kongevej 115 – 2 scoops: 30kr


Østerberg Ice Cream, Østerbro


There’s a new ice cream place in town, and it’s already creating quite some buzz (for example here and here), so I had to jump on the bandwagon and give it a try, didn’t I? Østerberg ice cream is hand-made in the little store, and they specialize in exotic fruits and flavors. I tried jackfruit ice cream, which was absolutely delicious. I should also mention that I found their stracciatella to be the best I’ve had in Copenhagen, creamy and with large dark chocolate chunks… yum! I can’t wait to go back next week after work!

Østerberg Ice Cream – Rosenvængets Allé 7C – 2 scoops: 30kr


Calories, Sluseholmen


Right down the street from where I live, there’s a little café, a sushi restaurant, and a “healthy fast food” place named Calories, which also sells artisan ice cream from small brand Gio, which is located in Sorø. Their in-store selection is not huuuuge, but they will gladly order any flavors you’d like to taste. The full catalogue of flavors includes exciting things like lavender, gin & tonic, rosemary or avocado (see all special flavors here). I tried a classic raspberry and elderflower sorbet (yum!) and champagne ice cream, which was absolutely delicious (though a tad softer and more liquid due to the alcohol lowering the freezing point). I will definitely go back there more than a couple of times this summer, and I’m going to try some of the more outlandish flavors!

Calories – Sluseholmen 38 – 2 scoops: 35kr




ParadIS is an absolute classic in Copenhagen. It was founded by the same guy who’s now behind Social Food, so he must know a thing or two about ice cream! There are a whopping 11 stores in Copenhagen, which kinda tells you about how great their ice cream is. With a massive selection, it wasn’t easy to limit myself to two scoops – they have Oreo, rhubarb cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher, kiwi… But my absolute favorite, and that’s out of all the ice cream I’ve tasted, clearly is their caramel with sea salt (in the picture). Sooooo good! The combination of caramel and salt is known to be awesome, and they’ve added chunks of chewy caramel to this ice cream that makes it irresistable! Definitely give it a try!

ParadIS – all locations here – 2 scoops 30kr


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6 thoughts on “Beat the heat: Finding the best ice cream in Copenhagen”

  • Okay, hier einmal meine Bestellung: Eine Kugel Champagner, eine Kugel Karamell-Salz und eine Überraschungskugel “Gutes Tun” von Social Food :-)
    Achja, und in Hipster-Town CPH findet sich doch bestimmt auch eine trendy vegane Eisdiele, da bin ich mir fast sicher… das könnte doch ein Suchauftrag für unseren nächsten Besuch sein :-)

    • Ich meine tatsächlich, die Kugel Pfirsich bei Social Food hätte nach Soja geschmeckt… aber habe nicht gefragt. Werd ich nächstes Mal tun :)

  • Hi there!
    Just found your blog randomly as I was looking for a good place to have lunch near the Louisiana museum. Its pretty awsome!! Have added lots of places to my “to go to “list Im french and I moved to Copenhagen a year ago. I happen to live in Slusholmen and to absolutely looooooove food (and burgers!). If not done already, check out and try that restaurant: Radio, my favourite in town
    Also, best burger in town: here in Slusholmen…my american boy friend beats it all. Let me know if you want a try one of those Evenings!

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