A weekend in Helsinki, pt. 3 – Sunday strolls and pirate pigeons

A weekend in Helsinki, pt. 3 – Sunday strolls and pirate pigeons

Good morning and happy weekend! After some serious rain action yesterday, Copenhagen weather has picked up and we’re looking at a sunny and (hopefully) dry weekend. Time to finish up my recap of our trip to Helsinki (read about boats and sunburns and all the cocktails in Helsinki).

Our flight back home was early Sunday evening, so we had some more time to explore the city. After getting our slight hangovers back in check with a big breakfast, we walked down to the harbor again to do some more lazy exploring – this time on board of a vintage street car. A round trip costs 5€ and takes you on a 25min tour through the city center. We actually didn’t see anything we hadn’t seen before, but it was fun anyways. And noisy. Tours depart from the harbor market frequently. More infomation here.

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After arriving back at the market square, we took another walk (we really walked a lot!) through a beautiful residential area and the Kaivopuisto park, before reaching Café Ursula‘s seaside terrace, where we sat down and enjoyed a cold beverage and the view. Most people seemed to come here for a glass of champagne or some brunch/ lunch, but we were still too full from breakfast. One of the main attractions was the large crane that stood about a hundred meters away, and that people could bungee-jump from. So if you’d like to get an adrenaline kick in Helsinki, this seems to be the place (not for me though, thanks!).


For the walk back, we strolled along the boardwalk and enjoyed the fresh breeze (it was soooo warm!) and the beautiful buildings that line the road.



We even ran into this adorable little guy!


Our last stop before heading back to the hotel to claim our baggage and make our way to the airport was a local pizza restaurant called Putte’s Bar & Pizza, which apparently makes the best pizza in town. It’s a popular lunch spot during the day, and turns into a bar at night (but still serves pizza, which is like the best idea ever!).


We ordered a simple margherita pizza and an avocado salad. The salad was nice and fresh with a lemon dressing and some sunflower seeds. It came with two slices of homemade garlic bread, which was absolutely amazing. The pizza was brilliant, with a crispy thin crust, a great tomato sauce, gooey mozzarella and fresh basil on top. Sometimes, less definitely is more! If we hadn’t been sharing, I would’ve tried one of their more extravagant varieties, such as the one with goat’s cheese and aubergine. The hit with the locals seemed to be the pizza with lamb and rocket.



I’ll leave you with this very important public service announcement, spottet at Putte’s (where you can also sit outside):


I hope you have a great weekend, and don’t forget that you can like The Copenhagen Tales on Facebook, follow me on Twitter, and find more pictures on my Instagram!


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