Ready for the weekend: 5 great brunch spots in Copenhagen

Ready for the weekend: 5 great brunch spots in Copenhagen


Do you, like me, love food? I know you probably don’t hate food, otherwise you wouldn’t be here reading a blog that spends substantial amounts of time on the topic! And I’m glad that you are here – this gives me the chance to talk to you about one of my favorite food-related topics: brunch. I can’t quite decide whether it’s the efficiency or the indecisiveness that make this mixture of breakfast and lunch so appealing. I guess quite simply put, if I can eat fruit, pancakes, bacon, potatoes and even pizza during one and the same meal, I’m happy as a clam! So here are some of my favorite brunch places in Copenhagen – and you should try at least one of them this weekend! This list is obviously far from final, as I hope to extend it continuously by many, many more restaurants. Let the feast begin!

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Toldboden (Indre By)


Hop aboard the harbor bus and take it all the way up to its final stop, next to the Mærsk headquarters. Then take a seat at one of the massive wooden tables and enjoy the open and bright atmosphere while you take in the view over Copenhagen harbor. Load your plate at the scrumptious buffet that includes traditional breakfast items such as delicious fresh baked bread, yogurt and home-made muesli, and a large selection of cold cuts, fish and seafood, and hot foods. They make great coffee and smoothies, too!

Style: Buffet    Price: DKK 225,-    Nordre Toldbod 18-24


Café von Fressen (Vesterbro)

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I’ve mentioned Café von Fressen before, and I do love that place! They have delicious burgers and great cocktails, but their “berlinerbrunch” is also definitely worth a try. If the weather is nice, choose to sit outside and people-watch in hip(ster) Vesterbro! Their brunch plate is filled to the brim with all kinds of goodies – my personal highlight is the homemade jam, which goes very well with the camembert on a piece of rugbrød… Fresh fruit, yogurt with muesli, scrambled eggs and potatoes ensure that you won’t leave hungry! They have a classic, vegetarian and vegan brunch plate to choose from. The blueberry pancakes are an excellent side order to share. For drinks, go for the chai latte!

Style: Plate   Price: DKK 120,-    Vesterbrogade 124


Laundromat Café (Frederiksberg)


The Laundromat Café is a staple in Copenhagen. They have three cafés (and in one of them, I’m being told, you can actually do your laundry, too!). My go-to place is the one on Gammel Kongevej. I’ll stop by there for a coffee or sandwich, but most often for brunch. Their offer is simple: two plates to choose from, one vegetarian (“clean”), the other one with meat (“dirty”). The selection is classic, but includes goodies like the small pancakes with maple syrup, the homemade hummus (yum!) and the homemade chocolate spread (double yum!). The brunch offer also includes a small glass of delicious fresh juice that tastes as good as it looks healthy. Their coffees are ginormous, too! They don’t take reservations, so be sure to be there when they open, or you’ll have trouble finding a seat. The place is also very child-frie

Style: Plate   Price: DKK 139,-    Gammel Kongevej 96


Frenchy (Indre By)

foto 2 (21)

Oh, how happy I am to have found this little gem! Located in a small basement near Gammel Strand, this French café/ bistro is absolutely adorable, with coziness oozing out of the door and into the street. It’s a very small place, but what an atmosphere! Most of the ingredients to this brunch plate are imported from France, such as the cheeses, the Président butter, and the yogurt in the small glasses. And how much do we love the little Bonne Maman jam glasses?! There are so many things I love about this brunch plate. For example the soft-boiled egg. The mini croissant. The little crêpe. But also the fact that it’s actually manageable in size! So many restaurants will mean the best for you and put a gigantic plate on the table that is just impossible to finish, and you’ll feel bad for only managing to eat about half of it. Frenchy is different, and while this plate will definitely not leave you hungry, you won’t leave mountains of food behind or feel incredibly stuffed. They also offer a take-away brunch for two that you can enjoy on a picnic blanket in the park or maybe on a boat ride through the canals.

Style: Plate   Price: DKK 139,-    Hyskenstræde 16


Mother (Meatpacking District, Vesterbro)

foto 5

I had heard of Mother before – apparently one of the best places for pizza in all of Copenhagen. But I didn’t know they did brunch, too – and boy, do they do it well! On weekends, stroll down Halmtorvet and enjoy the late summer sunshine, while enjoying this lovely buffet. The emphasis is clearly on the “-unch”, rather than the “br-“, if you know what I mean – pasta salad, cheeses, veggies, and not least the pizza that is baked outside in a large stone oven. But breakfast-lovers won’t b disappointed, as there are yogurt, muesli, jam, and the most delicious little muffins. Nothing for early risers, though, as they open at 11am.

Style: Buffet   Price: DKK 140,-    Høkerboderne 9-15


Do you have a favorite brunch place in Copenhagen? Please share – I want to try them all! I hope you have a lovely weekend – I’ll be hopping on a boat tonight to cruise over to Oslo for another little weekend trip, so if you have any last-minute tips for things to do, see, or eat, let me know!

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