A sunny autumn Sunday at Dyrehaven

A sunny autumn Sunday at Dyrehaven

I recently suggested to take advantage of the great fall weather and enjoy the outdoors, for example by taking a trip to Dyrehaven in the North of Copenhagen. And that’s exactly what we did this past Sunday!

Of course, since it was Sunday, an appropriate breakfast was in order, and I met a friend at the Laundromat Café for a well-deserved treat. I went with their delicious pancakes, which were topped off with some nice melting butter and ready to be completely smothered in syrup! And I was completely smitten with the “latte art” on my cappuccino – forget the classic hearts and leaves, this is so pretty!

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

Tummy filled and happy, I met up with the boyfriend and we hopped onto the train to Klampenborg – it only takes about 25min from the central station. Now, I should mention that Sunday was the day of the very popular “eremitageløbet“, a 13k run through the Dyrehaven park and around the Hermitage Palace, which it is named for. It’s Denmark’s largest leisure run, and though I couldn’t find a precise number of runners for this year, I did see runners wearing start numbers as high as 19000, so it’s safe to say there were A LOT of people there! The field included my boyfriend’s dad, who’s been participating for about 30 years now, and little sister, who both did really well.

We walked up from the station through the park to find a good spot to watch the run from. We soon found a good corner and proceeded to watch the hundreds and hundreds of runners make their way to the finish line.



The walk through the park itself was beautiful as well, with the leaves already changing colors. We also saw this little guy, who was completely unimpressed by people standing about 2m away from him!


If you haven’t been to Dyrehaven, I strongly suggest you take the trip up there and just walk through the park, or you can take your bike and go for a ride, or – even better – take a tour in a horse-drawn carriage. In any case, do not miss out on the beautiful fall foliage!






As we made our way to the exit near the finish line (there was NO way of turning back towards Klampenborg, with the thousands of runners still coming through), we also saw a couple of really nice buildings – the first one is actually a normal residence sitting there right at the park’s entrance!





We made our way back home to enjoy some coffee and Sunday cake, before plunging on the couch for the night with some American football – football season is one more reason why I love fall!

What did you do this weekend? Where do you love to spend an autumn Sunday in Copenhagen?

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