8 great blogs about Copenhagen that you really should be reading

Don’t get me wrong, dear readers, I’m super thrilled to have you here in my little corner of the world! But it’s time to share some love and introduce you to some blogs that I really enjoy following. Most of these have a lot to do with Copenhagen – after all, this is The Copenhagen Tales! Some are blogs by other expats sharing their perspectives, others are native Copenhageners writing about their favorite parts of the city. It’s a nice mix of topics here, and I hope you’ll enjoy reading these as much as I do. And of course, I’m always looking for new reading material, so if you think there’s a great blog missing from the list (maybe even your own!) – please share in the comments below!

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Expats/ English blogs
Flying House by Traveling Mama
If you are looking for beautiful captures of everyday life in Copenhagen and around the world, look no further! Tina writes about her adventures “raising a traveling tribe” and has great tips for any restless soul out there looking to wander. Her blog taught me that it is possible to travel and be adventurous even with a big family, and her incredibly positive outlook on life is truly inspiring. And did I mention the beautiful photos?!

Dejlige Days
Melanie is a British expat who has lived here for quite some time. She shares her perspectives on Denmark, its people, traditions and habits, and her favorite places and things to do in Copenhagen. I often find myself in her descriptions, and I have followed her advice on restaurants or leisure activities more than once.

Med kærlig hilsen
This blog’s name translates to “Kind regards”, or “Love, …” as a greeting at the end of a letter. This very cute blog is written by Karen, a Canada native living in Copenhagen. Not unlike me, she moved to Denmark for love – she’s married to a Dane (and has some lovely wedding photos on her blog, too!). I like her blog for its authenticity and openness, and not least for the delicious recipes she often shares.

Scandinavia Standard
Maybe not strictly a blog in the traditional sense, this site is a great resource for anything related to the Scandinavian lifestyle. While currently focusing on Copenhagen, where the two lovely ladies behind it reside, Scandinavia Standard aims to branch out to all of Scandinavia, sharing “the Scandinavian way of life with expats and the rest of the world”.

Danish Exchange
Danish Exchange is a personal blog by South African expat in Denmark, Rochelle, who manages to create a real coziness with her words and photographs. She shares thoughts on Denmark, her favorite recipes, and she tours people’s homes with her camera to allow us a glimpse into the life of everyday Copenhageners.

Danish blogs
Copenhagen By Me
This lovely blog was created by local Copenhagener Camilla, whose goal is to write about “a different way to see the city”. A resident of the Østerbro neighborhood, you can count on Camilla to share the latest and greatest restaurants, cafés and generally all about food in Copenhagen.

Copenhagen Cakes
If you like cakes, cupcakes, cookies, and all sorts of other sweet things, this blog will be heaven for you. I’m regularly admiring the delicious recipes and beautiful pictures. If you’re interested in Danish cuisine, you’ll find tons of Danish classics here, too, such as kanelsnegle, flødeboller and lagkage. Recipes are in Danish only, but my guess is that you’d be able to run them through a translation program easily!

No blog list about Denmark/ Copenhagen would be complete without a blog focused on design! And while there are some great, big design and interior blogs (such as Bungalow5), I love this one because of its personal touch. Nanna, the blogger, also shares photos from her own beautiful home, which is a testament to her great taste.

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