A weekend DIY project: Contrast grey bedroom wall

A weekend DIY project: Contrast grey bedroom wall

It’s been forever since I’ve had a post about apartments, DIY, interior design, decorations, etc. – so it’s about time! This week, the boyfriend has left me all alone to go skiing in Austria with his family, so while he’s out there swooshing through the snow, eating Germknödel and drinking Almdudler, I thought this would make the perfect opportunity for a little apartment therapy! We’ve been living here for about two and a half years, and apart from small changes here and there, the place has pretty much looked the same the whole time. And when I saw a picture on Pinterest of a lovely grey-and-white bedroom with a really cool dark contrast wall, I knew what I was going to do.

I’m a planner, I love writing lists and ticking them, and planning things into the tiniest little detail. Sometimes I plan way ahead of time and enjoy the planning way more than the actual thing. But sometimes, like yesterday, the time between first idea and execution is less than 24 hours. No lists, no tickboxing, just doing. And that can be really great, too!

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Here’s a shot of the bedroom before. Not bad, but a bit boring! In case you’re wondering: that painting over the bed was made by my mom for me years ago, and it’s one of my favorite things in the apartment! The writing on the silver part reads “Coronet”, which is my home town’s landmark (check here, I can’t believe I found a description in English!).

DSC_0459 (640x426)


So Saturday morning, I headed out to my nearest paint store (I would recommend to go to a specialist store such as Flügger Farver, instead of your nearest Silvan or Bauhaus). It didn’t take me long to find the color I wanted (it’s called “koksgrå” and it has number IN-596 in the Flügger color scale), and after a couple of minutes I was walking out the store, armed with paint, tape, paint roller, covers, and all sorts of other equipment.

Moving furniture and climbing on and off my tiny ladder to tape everything off is clearly not my favorite part, especially when I was eager to start painting!

DSC_0462 (416x640)


With the preparations completed, it was time for the painting fun to start!

DSC_0466 (640x415)

DSC_0471 (426x640)


One thing about my choice of color: I went for a quite dark tone, because I specifically wanted the contrast to the otherwise completely white room – white walls, white doors, white windows, white furniture. Especially because there’s a lot of light in the room as well, I wasn’t worried about picking a dark tone. If you have other, dark items, like furniture or window frames, you might want to choose a little lighter tone.

After the first coat, things were still looking a bit patchy:

DSC_0472 (640x426)


But after the second coat, I’m more than happy with the result!

DSC_0492 (640x483)


I love how it makes the painting “pop” that much more!

DSC_0493 (407x640)


I think it looks super cool and really gives the room a whole new look.

DSC_0495 (640x426)


Here are some more details from the bedroom. I absolutely adore the two black-and-white pictures of fancy deer (we have a lady and a gent, for each or our bedside tables). I don’t know what it is about them, but they are just so awesome.

DSC_0483 (640x426)


These little Kähler vases/ candle holders were a Christmas present, and they are so versatile! And yes, I am reading both a Coco Chanel biography and Rob Delaney’s book (which is hilarious).

DSC_0484 (426x640)


I really like jewelry trays – a bit of organized mess, and another way to display my beloved Daniel Wellington Watch when I’m not wearing it.

DSC_0486 (640x424)


And finally, my perfume bottle display… I don’t use all of these, but they just look so pretty. In the foreground is a cute little dispenser filled with glittering, scented powder.

DSC_0490 (419x640)


Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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