Sneak peek: Private wine tasting at Admiral Hotel

Sneak peek: Private wine tasting at Admiral Hotel

You know what I like? Wine! I really, really like a good glass of white, red, or rosé, and don’t get me started on sparkling wines – I love bubbles! I also often wish I knew more about wine. Especially how to pick a good one at a restaurant – that’s always the toughest part. By now, I’ve figured out a couple of grape-region combos that I know I’ll probably like, but that’s far from being a safe bet. The nice thing about learning about wine is that it is best done in practice – yes, some theory is nice, too, but nobody likes the pretentious smartass that gives speeches about how the 2006 vintage has more wooden notes than the 2007 one (I’m not even 100% sure this sentence makes sense). So I often turn to one of my very good friends, who holds a Master’s degree in Vine, Wine and Terroir – so she’s a full-on expert and by no means a pretentious smartass, since she actually knows what she’s talking about!

I’ve attended some of her wine tastings before (did I say some? … I guess “many” would be the more accurate term here!), and I always really enjoy them. One reason for that being that she’ll give you a generous amount of wine and actually lets you drink all of it – no spitting or discarding, which makes it so much more approachable. So needless to say, I was super thrilled when she invited me to a special event: a private wine tasting in a suite at the Admiral Hotel near Nyhavn, hosted by her company, Crus et Domaines de France, a wine producer and distributor specializing in Bordeaux wines. They supply retailers, restaurants and supermarkets in Denmark, too. There’s a post coming up with some recommendations for wines that you can buy locally here, so watch this space for more on that! For now, here are some impressions from the tasting, where we may or may not have sampled no less than 19 (!!!) different wines! Cheers!

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DSC_0483_wm (800x563)

When we entered the suite, we didn’t waste too much time admiring the gorgeous view over the rooftops of the Copenhagen’s inner city, with the marble church (“Marmorkirken”) on the right, but instead turned our undivided attention to the stars of the afternoon – the wines. We started out with the whites:

DSC_0454_wm (800x532)

DSC_0465_wm (572x800)

DSC_0481_wm (511x800)


I mean, just take a look at all these bottles! We didn’t go through all of them, though!

DSC_0467_wm (800x531)


Being the total pro that I am (not!), I even took notes during the tastings. They were all tidy and legible in the beginning, but towards the end, they just say things like “cognac barrels” and “meat!!!”

DSC_0512_wm (532x800)

We sat facing this beautiful “honor guard” of red wine bottles, of which we also got to taste a couple.

DSC_0457_wm (800x509)

DSC_0492_wm (518x800)


An amazing afternoon, and I can’t wait to tell you a bit more about some of my favorites among the wines we tasted. Don’t worry, I’ll make sure you can easily get your hands on them!

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