Amazing burgers, simple as that: Tommi’s Burger Joint

Amazing burgers, simple as that: Tommi’s Burger Joint

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know, otherwise I’m going to be frank with you right now: I love burgers. I mean, LOVE them. Hard. Could eat them every day and not even feel sorry for it. I’m on a constant quest to find great burgers in Copenhagen (here, here, and here), and I’m still far from having tried all the great burger places here.

One that has been on my must-eat-here-asap list for a really long time is Tommi’s Burger Joint in the Meatpacking District. If you ask around for the best burger place in the city, there are many people who would say this is. Founded in Iceland, Tommi’s now has burger places in London, Berlin, and Copenhagen as well. Located in the center of the trendy Kødbyen in Vesterbro, it was a perfect spot to eat lunch outside in the sun, even though it was still quite chilly.

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In a delightful change of pace compared to other burger places such as Halifax, Haché, or Grillen Nørrebro, where you can customize you burger with different buns, beef, chicken or chickpea patties, and all sorts of exotic toppings, Tommi’s makes it plain and simple. Their menu: burgers. Their exotic toppings: cheese and bacon. Their sides: fries. Their drinks: milkshakes and sodas. It’s simple, and I love it!




Their burgers are not very large, but perfect for a lunch portion. And the price of DKK 89 for a burger, fries, and a soda is more than fair, especially compared to rest of the Copenhagen burger landscape!

The concept is very American diner-like, with burgers wrapped in paper and served in little baskets with the fries. Sodas are served in the can. It’s so unpretentious, so understatement, and so “back to the basics”, which is what makes it so great.



Not to mention the amazingness of their burgers, which excel in their simplicity. The buns are soft and a little bit sweet, almost brioche-like. The meat is cooked perfectly and well-seasoned. By default, they’ll cook your burger medium, but of course you can ask for it to be well done, which is what I prefer in my burgers. Otherwise, there’s some lettuce, a slice of tomato, and some pickles, and of course ketchup and mustard.




I mean, just look at this beauty! If I hadn’t written variations of the word “perfect” around 40 times already in this post, that would be what I would use to describe this burger!

The fries are thin and crispy, not too salty, and they remind me a lot of “Freibadpommes” – the fries we would get at the kiosk in the public pool as kids every summer. Oh, the memories!


Burgers in the sun? Anytime!!


Have you tried Tommi’s Burger Joint? What do you think? And where should I go next and eat delicious burgers? I’m looking forward to any recommendations!

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8 thoughts on “Amazing burgers, simple as that: Tommi’s Burger Joint”

  • I love that you love burgers!! I feel the same way, I could literally eat them for every meal, everyday, for the rest of my life. I think CPH has some great burgers, but coming from the U.S. I must say I think they overdo it. I don’t need them that high and challenging to eat. If I have to use a knife and fork to eat a burger…take it down a couple notches. Also, can I please just have some good ol’ French’s mustard on my burger?!

    • Hi Nate – thanks for your comment! I’m with you on the “overdoing” thing, I love the variety at Halifax etc. (especially with a vegetarian and a vegan sister, it’s great to know I can easily take them there), but I also felt like to odd one out when I tried to take the burger in my hands at first. Have you tried Tommi’s? I’d love to hear your opinion! And, as a fellow burger enthusiast, what’s your favorite burger in Copenhagen?

  • Actually Laura, I’ve never been to Tommi’s but after seeing your pics it’s refreshing to see some hand-held burgers. I keep hearing about Halifax but haven’t had an opportunity to visit them. I normally eat cafe burgers here and the best I’ve had so far is Streckers on Støget.

    • You should give Tommi’s a try then, I think you might like it! Haché is also high up on the list for me. Halifax is great when you want something extraordinary, e.g. I love their “Mexican” burger with guacamole, salsa, and chickpea patty.

  • My fiance is from Iceland and we are planning on moving to Copenhagen sometime this year(after the wedding) Your blog is great! But I digress, lets get down to business.

    Tommis Burgers still leave happy thoughts in my brain and were hands down the best burger in Iceland. I am excited to hear that they are in Copenhagen now too! No frills and that’s the way a burger should be!

    We live in Vancouver, BC and there are many burger places but very rarely do any compare to Tommis. Can’t wait to have another.

    Keep up the great blogging!

    • Thanks so much, Russell! How exciting that you’re moving to Copenhagen, wish you the best of luck for that.

      I can’t say how Tommi’s here in Copenhagen compares to the Icelandic original, but I’m excited to hear your opinion about it, once you’ve had a chance to try it here! :)

  • I ca nt wait to visit Copenhagen in a couple of weeks, my daughter will love having a burger and fries here! The pictures are making me hungry, which isn’t great at 8:30am lol

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