Where to find great tacos in Copenhagen [updated!]

Where to find great tacos in Copenhagen [updated!]

Who’s a fan of Mexican food? This gal! If you are, and you live in Copenhagen, I have some good news for you. What used to seem impossible – finding authentic, delicious tacos, burritos, and the like in Copenhagen – is now right there for the taking. During the past year or so, a bunch of great places have opened up, offering delicious Mexican treats. If you follow me on Instagram (which you totally should – let’s be Insta-friends!), you’ll notice that I’m a taco fan, and today, I’m going to share a couple of tips with you on where to find the yummiest ones!


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taco_condesa (800x600)_wm

Let me paint you a picture: It’s a beautiful summer evening in Copenhagen. The sun is shining on the old city center of Copenhagen. You’re taking in the sight of Christiansborg, enjoying the last rays of the warm sun, as you’re casually sipping on a crisp margarita and snacking away on succulent tacos and the most amazing, spicy tuna ceviche. SOUND GOOD? Add in some fun conversation and that’s basically my perfect dinner right there. These were also the exact circumstances under which I tried out Condesa for the first time, on a dinner “date” with my expat/ blogger friend Danika Maia (check out her blog, because it rocks!). Not surprisingly, I immediately fell in love with Condesa! Their tacos are delicious, filled to the brim with succulent beef, shredded pork, and white fish, and topped with pickled onions, chili, and fresh herbs. The tuna ceviche deserves a shoutout – perfect tuna slices, chunks of grilled corn on the cob and avocado, in a spicy sauce. Soooo good, although my mouth was slightly on fire afterwards! But that’s what the margaritas are for, which are also excellent, by the way!


Yuca Taco


If you see this cute, baby-blue food truck, consider yourself lucky and get your butt over there to buy yourself some amazing tacos and a delicious agua fresca, immediately! The truck’s owner makes all the food and the aguas frescas from scratch, and every year, he escapes the dreary Danish winter halfway around the world to learn more about making awesome tacos in their homeland, Mexico. The only thing he doesn’t make himself are the beautiful signs that show the menu of the day (how often do you hear the phrase “sorry, my sign-painter is late today”?! LOVE IT) – it changes all the time. Yuca Taco doesn’t have a fixed spot, but rather sets up shop in different parts of the city every day, though the truck can frequently be found outside Torvehallerne, at Mikkeller, or on Saturdays in the Meatpacking District (exact spots are published every week on Facebook and Instagram).


Tacos Chucho @ Copenhagen Street Food

taco_cphstreetfood (800x529)_wm

Next time you make your way out to Papirøen to visit Copenhagen Street Food, be sure to leave some room in your stomach for tacos! Here’s a secret about me: I always have room for tacos (and dessert)! I think that’s my super power. Forget Superman or Wonder Woman – here comes Taco Girl! I haven’t quite figured out how to use my powers to save the world, but I digress. Copenhagen Street Food has so many great treats to offer that I wish I could eat there every day. But due to its somewhat remote location, that’s not so easy. Let me tell you though, that the tacos you get at the truck right near the entrance, Tacos Chucho, are quite amazing! The pulled chicken packs just the right punch of heat, and the pulled pork is juicy and seasoned perfectly. Give ’em a try next time you’re over on the “paper island”!


BONUS: Tacos Chilangos

Tacos Chilangos Copenhagen

Some time in the fall last year, my Mexican friends took me to try out what they said was the most authentic Mexican food they had tasted in Copenhagen, in this little store in the city center that was a pizza place by day and turned into a taco and burrito oasis at night. And the tacos were delicious! So were the burritos and the guacamole and the different Mexican beers they had in the fridge. A couple of weeks later, I was eager to come back, but found the place closed after pizza hours, with no sign of tacos to be seen. If I’m not mistaken, Tacos Chilangos is now mainly doing events, but if you can catch one, do so – because the food is well worth it! You can find the events on their Facebook page. I have my fingers crossed for them to reopen soon!


UPDATED: Hija de Sanchez

Tacos by Hija de Sanchez, Torvehallerne in Copenhagen

Rosio Sanchez used to be a dessert chef at world-famous Noma, but now she’s ventured out on her own and opened a taco stand, Hija de Sanchez, at one of my favorite places in Copenhagen, Torvehallerne. She served her tacos to the crowd of world-renowned chefs and food aficionados at the World’s 50 Best Restaurants award in London last month, with some help from her former boss, Rene Redzepi. She’s been getting a ton of press, too, with both Rene and Jamie Oliver visiting her new stand. But it’s well deserved, because those tacos? AMAZING. She makes everything from scratch, from the tortillas to the queso fresco, and it is delicious. At her stand, you can also get paletas (a Mexican ice pop) and her homemade tepache. Great news: she will also sell you the small wheat tortillas if you want to make your own tacos at home. But why would you even want to, with all these delicious options right at your fingertips? I highly recommend the carnitas taco here. So yum!



Tacos by TacoPop truck, Copenhagen

This summer, a new street food market came to life in Kødbyen (the Meatpacking District in Vesterbro) – “Kødbyens Mad og Marked”. Being the street food aficionado (is it aficionada since I’m a girl?) that I am, I am a bit ashamed to admit that I only managed to go once over the whole summer. BIG MISTAKE! That market is amazing! You can get all sorts of delicious street food – empanadas, arepas, Transsylvanian grilled meats -, there are three or four different wine and champagne stands, and of course: tacos! I went and tried TacoPop‘s El Macho (spicy pulled chicken) and Cochinita (slow-cooked pork) tacos, and instantly became a fan. Their corn tortillas are naturally gluten-free (not that I care, but some might), and they were really nice and sturdy, with a good taste. The filling is delicious and not too watery, which means that this is a taco you can actually eat without it falling apart in the process. Game changer! TacoPop’s Facebook page has the latest news on where the truck is parked.


Where to you get your taco fix? Share your favorites in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Where to find great tacos in Copenhagen [updated!]”

  • This is by far one of the most informative and heart-warming posts I’ve had the privilege to read on this blog. When I first came to CPH 2 years ago, I was desperate to find some good Mexican food, but was sorely disappointed with the Danish interpretation of mushrooms with fajitas, or simple nachos with grated cheddar cheese, or bland, tasteless chimichangas drowned in a mystery verde sauce. I began to believe my only hope was to smuggle some spices from home and attempt to avoid customs with my contraband. As I like to reiterate often…pretty much to anyone I meet…I am a native Texan and have some pretty high standards when it comes to my beloved Mexican food. All was lost until I visited tacos Chucho at Copenhagen street food. I was addicted. I would frequent the booth so much that the cook, Mario, knew my face and my tastes. Only after my 5th or 6th visit did I venture out to other booths. I am very interested in trying Yuco Taco as well, that is where the best tacos are found where I am from. In a truck parked outside a gas station. Thanks Laura for such an awesome post and minimizing my search.

    • Thanks so much, Nate, for your kind words! You can follow Yuca Taco on Instagram, they post their locations for the week there (or on Facebook). I’d love to hear what you think!

  • Dude! You have totally forgotten Bar Burrito in Skindergade. They have definitely the best tacos and burritos in town. Finish the meal with a couple of delicious real Mexican tequila shots.

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