Top 10: Best cocktails in Copenhagen

Top 10: Best cocktails in Copenhagen

It’s not a secret that I’m a huge fan of cocktails. I’ve never been a beer person (despite being German!), but wine and cocktails – that’s right up my alley! Thankfully, Copenhagen has a fantastic cocktail scene, from classic, world-famous bars to smaller, new speakeasys – Copenhagen is buzzing with new drinks waiting to be enjoyed. So, for your next afterwork or before your next dinner, why not stop by one of these places for a little refreshment? I’ve compiled this list of my ten favorite cocktails spots in Copenhagen, but of course there’s many more – which one’s your favorite?


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Ruby Cocktails Copenhagen

If you ask someone where to get a good cocktail in Copenhagen, chances are that they are going to name Ruby as one of the first three options. Its popularity is deserved, though, because it is an absolutely amazing place. Located on Gammel Strand, across from the parliament, this bar isn’t initially easy to spot because it has no sign – the entrance is shared with the Maltese embassy. The bar has two floors, with the basement being opened only on Fridays and Saturdays, hidden behind an old bank vault door. The interior is like a fancy apartment, super cozy and stylish, and the drinks are brilliant. They have a seasonal menu, and if you ask, the bartenders will also freestyle your drink of choice for you. [webmap – prices DKK 100-120]



curfew cocktail bar copenhagen

Curfew is the “new kid on the block” in the Copenhagen cocktail scene. Located in Vesterbro, where pretty much everything is happening right now, this stylish bar opened its doors in the second half of April, but has been attracting lovers of fine drinks ever since. This modern speakeasy draws inspiration from its founder’s homeland, Portugal – the design and interior are a unique combination of classic, minimalist, and cozy. On the drinks menu, you’ll find a bunch of oldschool classics, but also many of the owner’s own creations. I highly recommend the “First Aid”, an incredibly fresh gin-based cocktail with aloe vera and grapes (pictured on the right). [webmap – prices DKK 95-120]



1656 cocktail bar copenhagen

I’ve written about 1656 before (post here), and this relatively new bar in the heart of trendy Vesterbro really stole my heart! It has this speakeasy feel to it, with only a small sign outside the door, blackened-out windows, velvet furniture, and generally cozy feel. I like to go here for an after-work drink, or before or after dinner in one of the many restaurants in the Meatpacking District. Their menu is seasonal and regionally inspired, but you’ll find some classics here, too. [webmap – price DKK 110]





The same team that’s behind Bar7 recently opened its “little sister”, Bar25. Only about a five minute walk away from Kongens Nytorv, on Nikolaj Plads, you’ll step into a world of decadence and elegance. Leather armchairs and chesterfield sofas, silver and copper bulls’ heads on one wall, another one covered in crystal mirrors – this place invites you to get comfy and get a drink. I most definitely recommend the “Tour de Fizz” (pictured on the left), which is a delicious concoction of vodka, passion fruit, and vanilla, topped off with a thick egg white foam – not a drink, more like a dessert (it even comes with a spoon)! A perfect place for a drink on a Friday after work, or before a nice dinner out in town. [webmap – prices DKK 90-120]



Lidkoeb cocktails Copenhagen

From central Copenhagen, we’re heading back into hip and trendy Vesterbro, visiting an absolute favorite of the crowds: Lidkoeb on Vesterbrogade. The interior is impossibly stylish and impeccably Scandinavian, with light wood, furs, and a fireplace. You can slide into one of the booths or take a seat along the sleek bar, to enjoy one of their expertly mixed drinks. The general Nordic theme is also found in the cocktail menu, both in the drinks’ names and local ingredients such as akvavit. [webmap – prices DKK 90-110]



Sticks’n’Sushi Tivoli Hotel


At the very top of the Tivoli Hotel in central Copenhagen, you will not only find amazingly delicious sushi at Sticks’n’Sushi – you’ll also be able to enjoy great cocktails while enjoying a breathtaking view. Two truly outstanding qualities that this place has are, for one, the refreshingly different cocktail menu – the drinks have a clear Asian inspiration (to match the sushi) and use ingredients like sake or lemon grass – as well as the awesome giant swings on one side of the bar, from which you can take in the view over Copenhagen harbor while sipping your drink. [webmap – prices ca. DKK 100]



Strøm cocktail bar Copenhagen

Strøm is unapologetically hipster, and I’m not saying this with any negativity. They are driving the concept to perfection, from the styled interior and the bartenders in suspenders and hipster beards/ glasses, all the way to their delicious cocktail selection. I mean, even my drink had a mustache (and was deeeelish)! They used to have a cigar lounge, too, but this has been closed down, so there’s more seating available. I specifically loved their “cocktail map” in the menu, which maps out the cocktails in terms of flavors (sweet, strong, …) to help you find the perfect one. They have two cocktails “on tap”, as well – an awesome concept! [webmap – prices DKK 75-120]



Balderdash Cocktail bar Copenhagen

Yet another new player in the ever-expanding Copenhagen cocktail scene, Balderdash has taken Danish drinks enthusiasts by storm. A cozy bar, super friendly staff – who will actually give you a bite of the fried chicken they surprisingly get delivered by restaurant Amass – and delicious drinks. It’s simple, but so effective! The owner is a native Californian and a total cocktail wizard. A special shoutout to the drink on the left – a clarified Hemingway Daiquiri, made with Danish rum (!). Clear as water, but full of taste, and an overall great experience. The staff will also make you whatever you’re in the mood for, so give them a try, too. [webmap – prices DKK 110-130]


Library Bar


I’ve been to the Library Bar a number of times by now, after somewhat accidentally discovering it when we attended a rum tasting there. I really love the old-timey atmosphere, the wood-paneled walls, and the decor – it feels like you stepped into an early 20th century gentlemen’s club (the elegant kind, not the sleazy kind!). Their drinks are excellent, and on some days, the beautiful grand piano gets put to good use for some live soft jazz. It doesn’t get more central than this, located in the Copenhagen Plaza hotel directly next to the central station and Tivoli. [webmap – prices DKK 100-120]



Bar7 cocktail bar Copenhagen

Yet another classic of the Copenhagen cocktail scene. Bar7, located centrally on Studiestræde, is very popular among locals and expats alike. Their cocktails are super good, their staff is always friendly, and as the night progresses, this place turns from elegant cocktail bar to a real party spot with dance music and a great vibe. Be sure to ask the bartenders for their recommendations – Bar7 has a lot of their own classic recipes. [webmap – prices DKK 90-120]

Where is your cocktail “watering hole”? Any great places I need to try – tell me in the comments below!

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4 thoughts on “Top 10: Best cocktails in Copenhagen”

  • Laura,
    I love this blog! I have been to Strøm before and I highly recommend the white Russian. I comes with a flødeboller as a garnish. Another of my favorites is The Jane with its very well educated bar staff and are decorated with classic leather seats and décor with an old gentleman style. Another not on the list is salon 39, they are a creative young staff with fresh new twists and innovative takes on old classics.

    • Thanks so much, Nate! White Russian with flødebolle sounds delicious! Thanks for the recommendations, I’ll be sure to give Salon39 a try. I saw they have burgers, too – score!

  • Great article, definitely agree with your pics ! I also love The Reception in Vesterbro, the vibe is so cozy and amazing there!

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