What to eat at Copenhagen Street Food

What to eat at Copenhagen Street Food

Wow, I can’t believe this much time has passed on this blog (1.5 years almost to the day, to be precise), without so much as a mention of one of my absolute favorite places in the city: Copenhagen Street Food!

Well, I guess I might have mentioned it somewhere, in passing, but I haven’t given it the full attention of a dedicated blog post that it deserves. After all, it combines some of my very favorite things, like, ever: cool location, great atmosphere, water all around, chill music, and of course delicious food!

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Copenhagen Street Food is located on Papirøen (“paper island”, pronounce “papir-øen” – you must speak this as two distinct syllables, Danes will not understand you if you try to drag the r like “papi-røen“!), right across the harbor from Nyhavn and the Royal Playhouse. You can get there either by land, using bus 9A, or by boat bus 993, which services Nyhavn, Papirøen, and the Opera. According to the website, there are 33 food stalls and trucks at Copenhagen Street Food – I did not count, so we’ll just have to trust them on this. As we all know, food in Copenhagen can be expensive, and unfortunately this does not exclude street food, either – but all stalls here are required to offer at least one dish in the range of DKK 50-75.  Entrance is free.

The actual food stalls and trucks are located inside a big warehouse-like structure, so you can go there even in rainy weather – but I do recommend to go on a beautiful sunny day so you can enjoy your food outside by the water. There are plenty of seating opportunities both indoors and outdoors, but on a sunny weekend day, it gets crowded pretty fast. Copenhagen Street Food is open every day in the summer half; food stalls open at noon.

And now that we’ve got the technicalities out of the way, let’s dig into the good stuff: the food! And boy, can you get some delicious eats over there! I, for one, am a huge fan of street food, the sloppier, the better. I love eating stuff with my hands, dipping fries into sauce, and licking my fingers afterwards. If you’re anything like that, you’ll love the following delicious treats, too!


Duck fat fries @ Copper & Wheat

Copenhagen Street Food Duck fat fries by Copper and Wheat

I likely won’t be the first one to tell you about these. Anyone who’s ever heard of Copenhagen Street Food has heard of the double-fried duck fat fries! They are cut right on the spot from fresh potatoes and then fried twice in duck fat, which makes them unbelievably crispy and rich in taste. You should try their homemade spicy ketchup! The stand, Copper and Wheat, is run by two French guys, who – apart from the fries – cook up other French delicacies and comfort food that deserves a mention as well. But these fries are basically a rite of passage!


Pulled pork sandwich @ Oink Oink Barbecue

Copenhagen Street Food Pulled Pork Sandwich Oink Oink

Some may say that pulled pork is so passé, but then again I’m not one to ditch a good ol’ classic in favor of the latest trend. I will always have a soft spot in my heart for pulled pork, barbecue sauce, and coleslaw, stuffed into a bun. And Oink Oink Barbecue (can I please nominate them for “name of the year”?!) have perfected the art of the pulled pork sandwich. Their bun is a soft, super-squishy and brioche-like butter bun, which is almost a bit sweet. The meat is perfectly soft and seasoned deliciously. Add some creamy coleslaw, some pickles, and a chili, and smother the whole thing in the most succulent, smokey barbecue sauce – and you’ve got yourself a proper street food sandwich! Impossible to eat, but oh-so-yum!


Sweet potato fries @ Fisch Art

Copenhagen Street Food Sweet potato fries Fisch Art

More fries?, you ask. Always more fries, I say! Especially sweet potato fries. Especially these sweet potato fries from Fisch Art, which are so deliciously crispy – and we all know how difficult it is to get sweet potato fries real crispy! Fisch Art is located all the way in the back of the warehouse, so be careful not to overeat before you get there, because you will most definitely want an order of these babies, along with creamy mayo. Double yum!


Pizza slices @ MADENITALY

Copenhagen Street Food Pizza Madenitaly

Here’s a real shocker for y’all: I love pizza! I know – gasps are heard, pearls are clutched – nobody saw this coming! It’s also no secret that I think the very best pizza in Copenhagen can be had at Mother in the Meatpacking District. BUT: these slices from MADENITALY are a close second! The dough is left to rise for hours, and this yields an amazingly crispy, yet fluffy crust. And the toppings are really creative – pictured are two vegetarian toppings with grilled aubergines and broccoli, but they also have classics like salame. Who could ever go wrong with a slice of pizza? Exactly.


Colombian vegetarian street food plate @ Latienda

Copenhagen Street Food LaTienda Colombian vegetarian

Now this is what I love about the concept of Copenhagen Street Food: you get authentic dishes and cuisines you just don’t find anywhere else in the city, and that’s because the smaller scale allows small businesses to test their concepts and see if it can scale. I don’t think opening a Colombian vegetarian street food restaurant in Copenhagen would initially have been a success – but opening a stand at the street food market allows the owners of Latienda to test and refine their menu and grow their customer base, so maybe one day we actually will have that vegetarian Colombian restaurant in Copenhagen. I hope we will, because their food is amazing! I recommend to go for this mixed plate, which contains a spicy bean stew, a sunny side up egg, some green salad with a mango dressing, and plantain fritters with guacamole. Soooo good!


Mixed Brazilian barbecue plate @ Brasa

Copenhagen Street Food Brasa Brazilian Barbecue

From the vegetarian plate straight over to the meat plate! I don’t know about you guys, but I hadn’t eaten Brazilian barbecue before I came to Copenhagen Street Food – so I knew I had to try it! They have different mixed platters that contain different selections of their food, like spicy sausages, pork neck, and chicken legs. It all comes with fresh bread, some sides, such as spiced potatoes or salad, and a delicious chimichurri salsa. If you’re into meat, you have to go for this! All the meat is deliciously seasoned and cooked to perfection. Do not miss this!


Tacos @ Tacos Chucho

Copenhagen Street Food Tacos Chucho

I’ve mentioned Tacos Chucho in my post about the best tacos in Copenhagen – but they deserve another mention here, for obvious reasons. You’ll find the silver truck right by the entrance, which is great, because you can’t miss them! They have a varying menu and often also offer a vegetarian taco version (like the one in the middle above, with potato, avocados, tomato salsa, and salsa verde), but my clear favorite is usually their pulled pork or chicken taco. You can add more heat if you want – they have a collection of sauces right there.


Surf’n’Turf burger @ Fisch Art

Copenhagen Street Food Surf n Turf Burger Fisch Art

Another burger! And this one, like the sweet potato fries, is from Fisch Art as well: their classic, most-sold burger, the Surf’n’Turf. A juicy beef patty, some salad, succulent fried shrimps, and scallops, topped off with some chopped salad and sauce. If that’s not surf and turf, then I don’t know what is! The nice thing about this burger is also, in my opinion, that it’s reasonably sized (in diameter at least, height is a whole different issue!), so you can actually eat it with your hands. The Danish custom of eating burgers with knife and fork has always been weird to me. Get yourself one of these bad boys and get sloppy! I promise you won’t regret it.


Molten chocolate cake @ Il Mattarello

Copenhagen Street Food chocolate cake Il Matarello

Now, you didn’t think I’d leave you without dessert, did you? You should know me better than that! For a treat that will satisfy even the sweetest of sweet teeth, head on to the little wooden stall of Il Mattarello, where the most adorable Italian couple will serve you this beauty. I mean, just look at it! A warm chocolate cake, perfect in shape, covered in hibiscus-infused sugar. When you dig your spoon in, the gooey center melts out onto the plate. This is perfection. Try it!

What are your favorite spots at Copenhagen Street Food? Let me know in the comments below!

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