New on The Copenhagen Tales: map overview

New on The Copenhagen Tales: map overview

Who says Tuesdays are boring?

I’m proud to present a new feature on The Copenhagen Tales, which I’m personally quite excited about, because I think it’s actually pretty cool! Drum roll, please!

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It’s a map overview of all my favorite places, restaurants, bars, cafés, landmarks, things to do – pretty much everything I’ve written about, all neatly put together on one single map for your convenience! Looking for a bar in Vesterbro? Just zoom in and look for the bar icon! Want to know where to find good street food in the city? There’s an icon for that, too!

If you click on “Map overview” in the menu under Copenhagen, this will take you straight to the site:


Here, you’ll find the map with a bunch of placemarks:


Clicking on a placemark will give you the name of the place (restaurant, bar, landmark) as well as a teaser picture and – practically – a direct link to the post or posts I’ve written about this place.


Now, I think that’s pretty neat!

I’ve already added a whole bunch of places to the map, but I’m far from being all the way through my archives, so bear with me as I keep adding more and more placemarks. In the meantime, I’d love to hear what you think! So go give it a try, and let me know how you like it! Here’s the link to the Map Overview page.


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