Danish brands: Ecco – #partofmyworld

Danish brands: Ecco – #partofmyworld

If there’s one thing Denmark is famous for (no, I’m not talking about hot dogs and smørrebrød), it’s design. Be it furniture, architecture, or fashion, there is no shortage of amazing Danish brands that make design aficionados squeal with excitement over the perfect blend of simplicity, functionality, and beauty.

From time to time, I like to write about Danish brands that I like, and when I was recently offered to try a sample of Ecco’s new SS16 sneaker line, Ecco Intrinsic, as part of their #partofmyworld campaign, I was happy to oblige – obviously!

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Ecco Intrinsic SS16 sneakers

The package arrived while I was on vacation in Crete, and two days after I came back, I slipped on wet cobblestone and massively sprained my ankle, which immediately swelled to the size of a small watermelon (approximately) and proceeded to take on all the colors of the rainbow. Now, more than two weeks later, it’s still a (not so) beautiful purple. The first couple of days after it happened, I could not fit any shoes on my foot, whatsoever. I was wearing flip flops, but they were hanging on for dear life on my bandaged, elephant-sized foot. Then I wore ballerina flats for a week and a half, which was somewhat okay because they’re really low-cut around the ankle. I injure my right ankle constantly – most recently three months ago in Munich – so that kind of is part of my world, I guess. But all in all, that meant I had to wait about three weeks until I could finally try out my new Ecco sneakers – bummer!

But this past weekend, I could finally take off the bandage – so we decided to head out for a little walk around the “sluse” (water gate) we live close to.

Ecco Intrinsic SS16 sneakers

Ecco Intrinsic SS16 sneakers

Why yes, I casually stand on rocks ALL THE TIME – don’t you?

The shoes are really light, almost like running shoes. They are black and white, which is great, because I wear a lot of black. (Side note: And navy blue. I might have a serious obsession with navy blue. See the predominant color of my blog’s design.) Also, as I have just proven yet again, apparently I cannot be trusted to conduct even the simplest of tasks, like walking, without injuring myself, so it can’t hurt to wear more flats until my ankle recovers!

I should say that both the Munich incident and my most recent injury happened during the day, in flat shoes, and without the influence of alcohol. I don’t even have a good excuse.

Also, by “walk around the water gate”, I clearly meant “walking 200m and then sitting around on the bridge”.

Back to the sneakers, though! They are seriously comfortable, and I can see them working with a lot of different outfits, although you will notice that “fashionista” is not-so-suspiciously absent from my little bio on the top left of the page. I don’t claim to have a handle on the latest and greatest in fashion trends – way too exhausting for me – but I do like to dress well (at least when I leave the house).


Ecco Intrinsic SS16 sneakers

Ecco Intrinsic SS16 sneakers

But I also like to be comfortable, and often, that involves flats, because they are just so much easier to run around in. I work in a bank, so my work outfits tend to be classic “business”, which often involves heels. I currently have about three pairs stowed away in the bottom drawer of my desk at work, because on most days, I can’t be bothered to wear them on the commute. Which is where these sneaks come in perfectly handy!

Ecco Intrinsic SS16 sneakers

Thanks Ecco for these stylish and comfy sneaks (and for my blogger buddy Danika Maia for hooking me up with them!), which I’m sure will become part of my world in no time. Also, if you were to make these in navy blue, please reserve a pair for me! What’s your take on sneakers? And what are your favorites? Share in the comments below!

The shoes in this post were kindly sponsored by Ecco. All opinions are my own.

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