Around Copenhagen: Bellevue Beach

Around Copenhagen: Bellevue Beach

One of my very favorite things about Copenhagen, as I’m sure I’ve mentioned before, is its proximity to the sea. There’s water everywhere, and it’s awesome. We have the harbor, which is a central part of the city’s urban landscape, with key landmarks such as the Opera and the Royal Playhouse located on its edge. You can take a harbor bus, or rent boats, and even Sweden is within sailing distance.

We have the lovely canals of Holmen, Christianshavn, and Sluseholmen, and we have harbor baths to cool off in the summer. We have events that are centered around the water, such as the Red Bull cliff diving event, where world famous divers jump off the Opera building.

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And we have beaches. Amager Strandpark, Charlottenlund Beach, Svanemølle Beach, and – one of the most famous, and in my opinion, most beautiful ones – Bellevue Beach.

Bellevue Beach in Klampenborg, North of Copenhagen

Located in Klampenborg, just about 15 minutes North of Copenhagen, it’s approximately 700 meters long and located right off of Strandvejen, the famous coastal road that stretches along the East coast of Sjælland all the way up to Helsingør.

The beach is only about a 5 minute walk from the S-train station Klampenborg, and is in close vicinity to Dyrehaven park and the world’s oldest amusement park, Bakken.

Bellevue Beach in Klampenborg, North of Copenhagen

Bellevue Beach in Klampenborg, North of Copenhagen

Bellevue Beach is a sandy beach, separated from the road by a broad strip of grass, which is great if you – like me – rather hate lying on sand. Don’t get me wrong – it looks nice, but it gets everywhere. Days after I’ve been at the beach, I’ll still find sand in my shoes, my clothes, my bag, my hair… annoying!

There are beach volleyball fields, if you want to play a round with your friends, and I spotted something that looked like a spectator stand with seats, which I think was already set up in preparation of the “Bellevue Grand Slam 2015” beach volleyball event this weekend (more info here).

Bellevue Beach in Klampenborg, North of Copenhagen

The beach is very popular with locals and tourists alike, and it has something special to offer for architecture aficionados as well. It is located across the street from the Bellevue Theater, which was designed by world-famous Danish architect Arne Jacobsen.

He also designed the iconic white-and-blue lifeguard tower on the beach.

Bellevue Beach in Klampenborg, North of Copenhagen

Lifeguard tower designed by Arne Jacobsen at Bellevue Beach

A relatively new addition to the beach is Bellevue Strand & Grill, which has opened its doors only a couple of weeks ago in the old beach kiosk. The idea behind it is to take your classic beach kiosk up a notch – from plastic chairs, ice cream popsicles, and sticky coke cans to a classed-up café, bar, and grill on the beach.

The menu includes beach classics like ice cream (although this is Jacob & Jakob!) and cold sodas, but also coffee, beer, wine, a selection of cocktails, sandwiches, and South American barbecue. I only had a glass of rosé there, but the grill was starting up as we got there, and the meat looked delicious, so I’ll be sure to go back with the boyfriend and give the barbecue a try.

Bellevue Strand & Grill at Bellevue Beach, Klampenborg

Bellevue Strand & Grill at Bellevue Beach, Klampenborg

Have you been to Bellevue Beach? And what’s your favorite beach in the Copenhagen area? Let me know your tips in the comments!

Bellevue Strandpark – Strandvejen 340 –

Bellevue Strand & Grill – Strandvejen 338 – Facebook

You can also find Bellevue Beach on my Copenhagen map!


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