Here’s a Llama, there’s a Llama…

Here’s a Llama, there’s a Llama…

First off, if you don’t get the reference in the title, I feel very happy for you, and I would strongly suggest you do NOT click on this link, because the Llama Song will get stuck in your head forever!

Wow. You went and clicked on the link anyway? Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Have fun with the Llama Song for the rest of your life! Llama, llama, duck!

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But now, let’s get to the heart of the matter here. The title was not intended to give you Llama song-induced headaches, but I was actually about to tell you about the restaurant Llama, which I’ve finally got to try out. I recently changed jobs, and my awesome colleagues gave me a gift card to Cofoco as a going-away present. So obviously, it didn’t take me long to book a table at Llama, which I’d been wanting to try out for what feels like an eternity!

Located right by Kongens Nytorv, Llama is Cofoco’s latest hip place, with Southern American cuisine in the coolest of atmospheres. In fact, the whole restaurant is underground in what used to be a night club. Think dark ambiance, mirrored walls, and the coolest colorfully tiled floor.

As per usual, we started with some cocktails. Their Pisco Sour is absolutely amazing!

Cocktails at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

As we sipped our drinks and nibbled the chips with a spicy dip, we pondered over the menu, but quickly decided to go all-out and select the 10-dish chef’s menu, which comes in four servings. For good measure, we added an extra portion of their baja fish tacos, because, well, tacos. All servings are brought out on shared plates for the entire table, and you then serve yourself.

The first serving consisted of the baja tacos, carnitas tacos with an avocado and feta salsa, grilled padron peppers with miso yogurt, and glazed duck wings with kimchi. The tacos were both excellent – spritzed with fresh lime, with sauce running down your fingers as you try (unsuccessfully) not to make a total mess.

Baja and carnitas tacos at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

Grilled padron peppers and miso yogurt at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

Glazed duck wings at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

But ooooh, the duck wings. Have you ever had duck wings? I hadn’t, at least not like this. They were delicious! The sauce was sweet, sticky, and spicy, with the kimchi giving a good, fresh and sour balance. The meat wasn’t as tender as you’d know it from chicken wings, but the taste more than made up for that, in my opinion. A totally different way to eat duck, and I loved it!

Next was the fish serving, which consisted of a seabass ceviche with sweet potato and mangoes, as well as seared tuna with spicy marinated cucumber, avocado crema, and soy tapioca. Both dishes were delicious, but I absolutely adored the ceviche, which was as close to perfection as it gets, in my opinion.

Seabass ceviche at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

Seared tuna at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

Next up was the meat course, an excellent piece of grilled beef flap meat with fried romaine, onion, and almonds, accompanied by two side salads: a corn salad with chimichurri, and a tomato salad with habanero chili and mint. The meat was delicious, tender, and generously seasoned. The tomato salad was a bit boring and didn’t really do anything for me, but I enjoyed the corn.

Grilled beef flap at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

Tomato salad at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

Corn salad with chimichurri at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

By this point, we were already pretty stuffed, but we were still missing dessert, so no way we could skip that! Dessert consisted of two servings as well: coconut sorbet with preserved pineapple, espresso, and hibiscus, and the absolute chocolate BOMB, a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, chocolate meringues, and a cocoa sorbet with chili. Holy chocolate, Batman! The cocoa chili sorbet was a totally weird experience, as it was actually QUITE spicy, but at the same time cooling – somehow that totally didn’t compute. But all of it was absolutely delicious!

Coconut dessert at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

Chocolate dessert at restaurant Llama, Copenhagen

At this point, I apologize for the less than optimal photos – they totally don’t do justice to the delicious food and the beautiful presentation! But as I wrote before, the restaurant is located underground, and lighting conditions are optimized for a cozy dinner, not perfect food photography (fair enough!). Plus, I always try not to be too obtrusive and just take one or two quick snaps of each dish. If you want to see how amazing everything really looks, you should definitely go and check it out.

During the entire evening, staff was super friendly and attentive. Service was always quick – as were we, apparently, because at some point, our server suggested we take a little break between the second and third servings, because we were eating so fast. Oops! Staff took the time to explain each dish to us in detail, and they were quick to renew our water bottle, which was necessary with all the spicy food!

All in all, a great experience that I can only recommend to everyone. Thanks again to my awesome ex-colleagues for this great going-away present – if I could, I’d stop working with you again! ;)

Restaurant Llama – Lille Kongensgade 14 –


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