4 places to go to around Copenhagen this fall

4 places to go to around Copenhagen this fall

It’s undeniable – fall is here! Over the past couple of years, fall has somehow become my favorite season. I love sunny fall days, the colorful fall foliage, walks in the cold air, and a cup of hot chocolate/ tea/ coffee… I also love fall fashion, chunky knit sweaters, riding boots, huge scarves, trench coats and padded vests. And I love Starbucks’ pumpkin spice latte. There, I said it!

Copenhagen and its surroundings offer plenty of opportunities to spend a sunny fall Saturday or Sunday. I’ve collected four of my favorite places in and around the city, together with links to my posts about them. Have you been to any of them?

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1. Dyrehaven park


Dyrehaven is a huge park and beautifully cultivated wood area of around 1,000 hectares. It used to be the royal hunting grounds, and there are still many deer around the area. The park is great for long walks, runs, and picnics. It is also where the Eremetiageløbet, a 13.3 km run, and the Hubertus Hunt, in which 160 riders participate, take place every year in the fall and attract many thousands of spectators. Here‘s my post from last year.


2. Louisiana Museum of Modern Art


Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in Humlebæk is always worth a visit, but especially in the fall, the leafy trees on the beautiful grounds give the area a magical feel. Their permanent collection is great, and the varying exhibits are always beautifully curated and super interesting. There’s a café that invites for a snack with a breathtaking view over the Øresund over to Sweden. Two posts on Louisiana here and here.


3. Halloween Tivoli


I pretty much love Tivoli any time of the year, but especially their seasonal specials in fall and winter are a sight to behold. For Halloween, the world’s second oldest amusement park is practically covered in thousands and thousands of pumpkins, there are spider webs, scarecrows, and hot chocolate with marshmallows. In short – it’s awesome, both for kids and adults. I stirred in a witch’s cauldron last year (find the post here)! The shops also carry a lot of Halloween decorations, so if you want to scare the neighbors’ kids, you’ll find everything you need here.


4. Klampenborg Galopbane


Last weekend, I went to the Ladies’ Day at Klampenborg Galopbane, Copenhagen’s horse racing track, and it was so much fun (post here). But I can easily imagine that a visit to the races would be fun any other Saturday of the racing season as well. It’s a really fun atmosphere both for kids, who can ride ponies, and grown-ups, who can bet on the races and drink champagne. Kids get in for free, too! Races are scheduled until November.


I also have a bunch of plans for this fall to keep exploring the greater Copenhagen area and the rest of Sjælland (Zealand). For example, I really want to go apple picking, and there are a bunch of farms around the city and the suburbs where you you can pick your own apples, pears, and other fruit, paying by the kilo. Another place I’ve been wanting to go is Kronborg Castle, the home of Shakespeare’s Hamlet, which is located near Helsingør. What are your favorite places to visit in the fall? Let me know in the comments!

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