Welcome to the show: Oliver and the Black Circus

Welcome to the show: Oliver and the Black Circus

You guys – I’m so excited to finally share one of my favorite restaurants in Copenhagen with you! It was one of the first I ever went to here, when it was still relatively new (back in 2013), and I instantly fell in love. But it took me until now to actually take my camera and get some photos worth sharing – I want to do the amazing restaurant and food justice, and not scare y’all off with dark, grainy iPhone snaps!

The place I’m talking about is called Oliver and the Black Circus, and what they do is New Nordic in a laid-back, whimsical atmosphere. The focus is on the overall experience – like a circus show, if you will. That includes the dark, cozy interior, where you can take your time studying the artwork and quotes on the walls and ceiling, the super friendly and attentive staff, the delicious cocktails, and of course the sublime food!

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Interior at Oliver and the Black Circus in Copenhagen

The menu is relatively small – it contains three each of starters, mains, and desserts. There’s a vegetarian option, too. Alternatively, there’s a 4 course tasting menu, “The Black Circus Show”, which contains four different dishes that are not on the normal menu.

Oliver and the Black Circus - New Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

Oliver and the Black Circus - New Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

We decided to go with the Circus menu, and added the accompanying wine menu as well as a cocktail and snacks to start. ALWAYS take a cocktail to start – that’s pretty much my life motto. Generally, there’s a pre-selected cocktail to go with the menu, but our friendly waitress made an exception for me. The cocktail that went with the menu that day was with lemongrass vodka and coconut and was really delicious! Our designated driver was served a custom-made virgin cocktail with carrot and sea buckthorn.

Cocktails at Oliver and the Black Circus - New Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

But my cocktail – WOW. Just wow! It was called “Forbidden Fruit” and consisted of Bourbon, apple, and maple syrup. It was the absolutely perfect fall cocktail, and I’ve been working on a copycat recipe ever since – I think I’ve figured out a really yummy version, so stay tuned, as it will hit the blog soon!

The snacks were crispy cod skins with a chili mayo – definitely not an everyday snack for me, but quite tasty; very salty, and very fishy, though, so if that’s not your thing, you might want to stick to the delicious bread!

Our first course was a salmon tartar with cherry tomatoes and a celery crisp, paired with an Italian Sauvignon Blanc. The salmon was deliciously marinated in lime, which went great with the freshness and acidity of the Sauvignon.

Salmon tartar at Oliver and the Black Circus - New Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

Next up was an absolute crowd-pleaser: tempura shrimp – amazingly buttery in their crispy dough, served with a delicious sticky sauce. To match, we got a French Chardonnay, which had a nice fruity sweetness and a buttery, fatty texture. Honestly, I could have eaten at least three portions of this!

Tempura shrimp at Oliver and the Black Circus - New Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

That’s also one of the things I love about OBC – they aren’t afraid of taking “down to Earth”, less glamorous ingredients or dishes and elevate them to the next level. Like this tempura shrimp: even though you can probably get them at every Asian takeout, I can pretty much guarantee that these are the best you’ll taste in the city, if not the country and the entire Western hemisphere. Yes, they were THAT good. Another great example is a chicken dish from our first visit. It was an incredibly juicy chicken breast with crispy skin, served with sweet corn and rhubarb. The boyfriend to this day claims it was the best chicken he ever had – and he eats a lot of chicken!

Our main course was just as delicious – thin slices of beef steak, amazingly flavorful and tender, served with slightly soured cabbage, carrot mash, and a couple of dots of intense jus. I especially liked the mix of the sour, crunchy cabbage with the sweetness of the carrots and the tenderness of the beef. Definitely a winner in my book! The wine was a nicely deep and spicy South African blend of Shiraz and Cabernet, which held its own without overpowering the dish.

Beef steat at Oliver and the Black Circus - New Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

Then it was time for dessert, and as you know, that’s usually one of my favorites of the entire meal. What can I say, I just have a massive sweet tooth! We were served a strawberry sorbet with mangoes and dried strawberries on a chocolate crumble base, topped off with dehydrated yogurt. And again, OBC just hit the spot, especially paired with a delicious sparkling Italian Moscato.

Dessert at Oliver and the Black Circus - New Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

Seriously, you can keep your Wagyu steak and just give me dessert and I’ll be happy (on second thought, can I maybe get a bite of that Wagyu steak, because that looks delicious!). But I digress. Point is, this dessert, just as the rest of the meal, was sublime!

Adorably, the bread was served in miniature shopping baskets, and our check came in this:

Oliver and the Black Circus - New Nordic cuisine in Copenhagen

Now, if this raving review didn’t convince you to book a table asap, then let me just tell you that the full Circus show menu, including the wine pairing, snacks, and a cocktail, will only set you back DKK 695. This, my friends, is a REALLY good price for Copenhagen, and especially taking into account the great quality of the food and drinks. So what are you waiting for? Let’s be weird together!

Oliver and the Black Circus – Teglgårdstræde 8A (close to City Hall) – oliverandtheblackcircus.com

This is not a sponsored post. All food and drinks were paid for by myself.


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