Fall sun magic

Fall sun magic

We’ve had a beautiful Indian summer here the past two weeks – the days were warm and sunny, albeit shorter. But that also meant that on my way to work, I got to see some beautiful sunrises, and around 7:30, 8pm, we were treated to some just as gorgeous sunsets as well. Here are some of my favorite pictures I took of them. These are all taken with my iPhone, as I snapped them when I was out and about, mostly during my morning commute to work (either by bike or on the harbor bus).

Sunrise at Sluseholmen, as seen from the bridge by the water gate.

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Sunrise at Sluseholmen, Copenhagen

This one is taken from the bike path along the water – the sunrise painting the buildings in a beautiful golden light.

Sunrise at Sluseholmen, Copenhagen

Even when it’s a bit cloudy, Sluseholmen is pretty at dawn.

A cloudy dawn at Sluseholmen, Copenhagen

Taking the boat bus in the morning makes for some brilliant photo opportunities along the harbor, like these fluffy pink and yellow clouds over the Black Diamond and Knippelsbro.

Pink and yellow clouds at sunrise over the Black Diamond and Knippelsbro, Copenhagen

One night this week, we found ourselves at Fisketorvet, and happened to catch this beautiful sunset from the rooftop as we were walking to the car. The couple on the left had probably driven up specifically to see the sunset – their car was parked right by the railing with the best view.

A couple watching the sunset from the roof of Fisketorvet shopping center, Copenhagen

It was an amazing blue and orange sunset that day.

Sunset over Copenhagen, seen from the roof top of Fisketorvet shopping mall

But then this happened in Sluseholmen: the most gorgeous sunset, painting the sky in bright pink, purple, and red hues. I grabbed a glass of wine and sat on the balcony for a couple of minutes in the cold night air just to watch this spectacle. It even makes the construction site under it look good!

A beautiful pink sunset at Sluseholmen, Copenhagen

Have you been able to catch some of the fall sun magic in Copenhagen? What are your favorite spots to watch the sunrise or sunset? Let me know in the comments below!

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