Of Sliders, Kegtails, and a Bar Next Door

Of Sliders, Kegtails, and a Bar Next Door

If there’s one thing I like, it’s a good date night. Nothing better than grabbing your boyfriend, girlfriend, wife, husband, partner, sweetie pie, or whatever it is that you call your significant other, and heading out to town on a regular weeknight to make it a bit more special. The other day, the boyfriend and I decided that it was high time for him to try out one of the most raved-about burger places in the city: Sliders.

As the name strongly suggests, you will be hard pressed to find a regular-sized burger here. But, as they say, good things come in small packages, and it rings true here. Sliders opened its doors at its prime location right by the lakes late last year, and has been accumulating raving reviews ever since. I tried it out for the first time with my burger buddy early this year, and while we both thought the burgers were excellent, it was insanely crowded – people were literally eating standing up, which didn’t help the atmosphere.

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But I knew I had to have those delicious mini burgers again, and I figured that it would hopefully be less crowded earlier in the evening, so we opted for an early dinner around 6pm. Although there was a good crowd at the restaurant, we were able to find seats easily and our order didn’t take long.

Burgers and fries at Sliders Copenhagen

The concept is simple – there are nine different variations of the slider, all are very unusual and you’ll hardly find any classics here – the most common version is a pulled pork slider with coleslaw. Forget the boring cheeseburger and choose between exotic flavor combinations that are sure to tickle your fancy. You’ll get three sliders plus a side (fries or a side salad) for DKK 119 (excluding dips and drinks).

Mini burgers at Sliders Copenhagen

My choice fell on the Jalapeno Cream – beef patty, jalapeno cream, balsamico-marinated strawberries, and rye bread croutons -, the Big Poppa – braised pork, radicchio, and redcurrants-, and the Ugly Duckling – braised duck and chicken breast, sugar snaps, spring onions, and peanuts.

Mini burger and "kegtail" at Sliders Copenhagen

Mini burgers at Sliders Copenhagen

It always makes me chuckle when I see side salads at burger places – I need my fries with my burger! And add some chili mayo, while you’re at it. But seriously, you MUST order the fries here, because they are excellent! Large, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and with a deliciously creamy and spicy chili mayo – finger-lickin’ good!

Perfect french fries with chili mayo at Sliders Copenhagen

We happily nibbled away at the tiny burgers, and here I noticed that the boyfriend and I have very different techniques. He worked his way through the three sliders one at a time, whereas my preferred approach is to unwrap them all at once and alternate between bites.

Two delicious mini burgers at Sliders Copenhagen

Yes, sometimes that leads to this situation. I call it “Edward Sliders-Hands”.

But it also means that I can finish with the last bite of my very favorite burger – while the boyfriend said, somewhat sadly, “Damn, I think I started with the best one!” By that he meant the Sloppy Mama, red wine braised beef with bacon and pickled red onion. Yum!

For drinks, I opted for one of their new “kegtails” – cocktails on draft. There are two options available, but since one of them contains ginger (blerch!), I went with the other one, made with vodka, strawberry, and jalapeno. It was slightly sparkly, really tasty, and packed a good bit of heat! All in all, a nice drink, but at DKK 79, I found it a bit pricey. Plus points for the cute branded glass jars, though!

Kegtail - a cocktail on draft at Sliders Copenhagen

Sliders Copenhagen is a bit of a funny concept: it’s kind of a high-end fast food burger bar, where you can’t reserve tables, you order at the bar, find your own seat, and the food is served in paper bags instead of plates. That means that it’s not really a place where you spend a lot of time – we could have been in and out of there within 30 minutes – which I think is a bit sad, because their sliders are certainly good enough to stay around. But especially since the place is so busy, you don’t want to block the table when there are clearly people waiting. We hadn’t so much as pushed our chairs back, when someone practically pounced on our seats.

As the night was still young, we wandered all of approximately 50 meters across the street to the newest addition to Madklubben’s Copenhagen portfolio: Bar Next Door, which opened right next to the three Madklubben restaurants along the lakes (Gran Torino, Hanzo, and Alabama Social).

Cocktails and dreams at Madklubben's Bar Next Door, Copenhagen

Walking in, guests are greeted by this sign behind the bar, promising cocktails and dreams. The interior is cozy, and together with the old school music creates a bit of a Great Gatsby vibe – right up my alley!

Madklubben's new cocktail bar, Bar Next Door, Copenhagen

The cocktail menu is limited, but exclusive, focused on a couple of timeless classics (like Aviation, Manhattan, Old Fashioned) and the bar’s own signature drinks, which are more exotic and experimental.

Signature cocktails at Bar Next Door, Copenhagen

They had a special two-for-one happy hour offer on signature cocktails, so of course we had to go with that! We started out with No.9 with Japanese Bourbon, genmaicha popcorn tea, white pepper, and lemon curd. What a brilliant concoction – almost like a dessert! The sweetness of the lemon curd gave a great balance to the Bourbon’s sharpness.

Of course, we couldn’t just have one cocktail, so we tried another one: No.5, with vodka, apple syrup, Peychauds bitters, and jasmine tea. Another excellent choice, if I do say so myself!

Signature cocktail at Bar Next Door, Copenhagen

We said our goodbyes and went for a little stroll by the lakes – such a beautiful backdrop with the colorful lights and gorgeous old buildings.

Lighted houses at the Lakes in Copenhagen

In summary: Date nights are awesome and everyone should have them more often!


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