Summer house hygge in fall

Summer house hygge in fall

You know that feeling of really needing a time-out? A weekend with no plans, away from all of the stress and chaos that can be a normal work week – how good does that sound?! So this past weekend, we decided to head up to the summer house and spend a couple of relaxing days by the sea. I love summer houses (as I’ve written before here), and I tend to think that they get even cozier in fall.

We had plans Friday night, but headed out early Saturday morning. The summer house in the picturesque seaside town of Rørvig is about an hour’s drive away from Copenhagen. We arrived in the most beautiful, warm fall weather.

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Danish summer house hygge in the fall

Most summer houses don’t have central heating, so our first order of business – after unpacking the car – was to get a fire started in the fireplace!

Danish summer house hygge in the fall

Luckily, we found a small space heater, so we managed to turn the temperature up quickly (it was 11 degrees Celsius in the house when we arrived!).

As luck would have it, the clothing brand Le Port DK, which is based out of Nykøbing, was presenting their new autumn/winter collection that very weekend, so we took the quick trip over there to take a peek. I’ve written about their organic clothes before (here), and of course I couldn’t leave empty-handed – my choice fell on this snuggly blue-grey sweater. Their showroom is located by the seaside, so we couldn’t resist snapping a couple of pictures!

Le Port DK new AW15 collection in Nykøbing, Sjælland

Le Port DK new AW15 collection in Nykøbing, Sjælland

The boyfriend went with a t-shirt, but would not be convinced to model for the camera. Sigh.

We headed back to the house, which had warmed up quite nicely, threw some more wood on the fire, and cuddled up on the couch with some cinnamon buns and coffee. Yes, yes, they were bought, but we really needed something sweet and couldn’t be bothered to bake – after all, this weekend was all about relaxing and doing nothing!

Cinnamon buns at coffee at the summer house

As darkness began to fall, a light rain began outside, while we were cuddled up by the fireplace, with a good book (or an iPad game, in the boyfriend’s case) – if that is not hygge, then I don’t know what is!

Soon, it was time to start dinner.

Cooking dinner in the summer house

We opened a bottle of red wine and enjoyed a nice, down-to-earth, home-cooked dinner of beef medallions with a cognac and pepper sauce, carrots, and potatoes, while the fire was happily crackling in the fireplace.

A cozy dinner in the summer house

Our bellies filled, we dropped back into the couch, snuggled under our blankets, and vowed not to move any more until it was time for bed!

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