A Christmas wishlist 2015

A Christmas wishlist 2015

Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to think about presents! I’m quite crazy about Christmas – I love most seasons, but this time of year is always special. And presents are definitely one of my favorite parts of Christmas! I really love giving gifts – thinking about what to give my family and friends, what they would like, what they might not have thought about themselves. Obviously, I also love receiving gifts, but then again, who doesn’t?

In my family, we have always had wishlists for birthdays and Christmas, but my mom was always the best at finding awesome things that weren’t on the list but more often than not turned out to be the favorite present! Wishlists can be tricky: some people really only want what’s on there, and some people really hate giving something off of a wishlist and prefer to be creative themselves. And others again (like my boyfriend) are simply impossible to shop for – and their 3-item wishlists aren’t much help, either! Personally, I always like a mix of both. What I put on my wishlist are things that I’d really love, but I don’t expect to receive them, and I always love receiving gifts that people have thought would be great for me. Likewise, when giving gifts, I look at wishlists, but also love finding that special thing that someone didn’t even know they wanted – this year, I found such a gift for my dad, and it’s going to be such a success!

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So, without further ado, here’s my wishlist for this year:


It has a little bit of everything – some bling, something to read, clothes, and something for the apartment.

1. Crawford watch in rose gold, Gant (link) I’ve worn my beloved Daniel Wellington watch with alternating bands for almost two years now, so I thought it might be time for a change of pace. I absolutely adore rose gold, so this classic watch from Gant would just be perfect.

2. Kate cashmere wrap, Lexington (link) I’d love to snuggle up in that cashmere cardigan – doesn’t it just look crazy cozy?

3. Multicolor checked tablecloth, Lexington (link) This tablecloth is perfection – I love the colors, they would be great for summer, fall, and winter.

4. The Vision of Robert F. Kennedy (link) One of my favorite things to read are biographies, especially of political figures. Recently, I’ve become intrigued with the Kennedy clan, and after reading his biography this summer, become quite fascinated with Bobby Kennedy. This book is a collection of his notes and favorite quotations.

5. Weekly planner, Moleskine (link) I’m the girl who sends her boyfriend Outlook invites for restaurant bookings. Nevertheless, nothing beats my trusty Moleskine – I always have it in my purse, filled with post-it notes, business cards, scribbles, to do lists, and so on.

6. Tartan pajama set, Ralph Lauren (link) If I had this pair of pajamas, all I’d need is a fireplace and a cup of hot chocolate! I love how cuddly and Christmas-y they look. Can you say breakfast in bed?!


How do you go about wishlists – do you always give gifts off of the list, or do you freestyle? And what’s on your list this year? Share in the comments below!

PS: If you need some inspiration for Danish gifts, you’ll find my guide here!

This is not a sponsored post. I really want all those things!


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