Christmas shopping on Ravnsborggade and ramen lunch

Christmas shopping on Ravnsborggade and ramen lunch

Only three days until Christmas – can you believe it? I feel like December has run past me this year, and I’ve hardly had the time to get in a Christmas mood. Well, I did do a bit of decorating, and we got a little Christmas tree, of course – we named him Bertram (you will notice my tendency to name things, like Liselotte, my bike, and Johnny, my car). One day, I’ll have a huge Christmas tree, but for now, a small cute one will do. Also, I don’t have enough ornaments for a big tree!

This weekend, I met with my friend Caroline (check out her travel blog) for a stroll on Ravnsborggade to pick up a present or two. Ravnsborggade is in Nørrebro, just behind the lakes, and is famous for its antique and vintage stores. There are apparently 35 such stores with a total of over 3,000 square meters of antiques, vintage clothes, and old nick-nacks (although I haven’t counted myself).

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Antiques store on Ravnsborggade in Copenhagen

The stores are a great mix – you’ll find everything from high-end antiques to vintage clothes and flea market like stores, and there’s a little souterrain store that’s so crammed full of old stuff that you feel like you’ve stepped into a hoarder’s basement!

We started at a store I always enjoy visiting, Bau Antik. The store is neat and clean, and specializes in smaller furniture pieces, table- and glassware, and decorations. Everything is carefully selected and in great shape. I especially love their shelf of glasses in the window, I could buy something there every time!

Antiques store "Vejrhanen" on Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen

Glasses at antiques store "Vejrhanen" on Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen

I equally love old picture frames – can you ever get enough of those? I think not! And Caroline, travel blogger that she is, was fascinated by the stack of vintage leather suitcases with an old globe on top. Wanderlust for sure!

Vintage picture frames at antiques store "Vejrhanen" on Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen

Vintage suitcases at antiques store "Vejrhanen" on Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen

We spent some time in the little store two or three doors down, ABC Antik. Here, you’ll find a lot of things that could have belonged to a little old lady – stuffed foxes and falcons, crystal carafes, tons of Royal Copenhagen porcelain, little leather purses and jewelry cases, and loads of jewelry and broaches. We spent some time browsing, but left without purchasing anything.

As we stepped out the store, we noticed a sign about a huge antiques flea market in the courtyard, which we obviously had to check out! We stepped into what looked like a huge warehouse, stuffed with old things, furniture, jewelry, glassware, silverware, huge paintings, you name it, laid out on long tables. We began browsing, and I actually walked away with three things for 100kr – all for myself or the apartment. Oops.

Pearls at an antiques flea market on Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen

All this jewelry once belonged to someone… I could have spent hours rummaging through it to find more treasures!

Vintage jewelry at an antiques flea market on Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen

Our final stop was Sankt Hans Bazar, which I had been wanting to go back to since I found a lovely vintage cross-body bag there last year. It’s a little basement store that is so insanely crammed that you’ll have a hard time navigating through. The lady who owns it specializes in second hand clothes and vintage accessories, as well as a bit of jewelry and a couple of pieces of furniture. It’s a store you’d want to spend hours to hunt for bargains – she has a couple of designer pieces hidden there, too. I managed to pick up a great Christmas gift here, but I won’t say for who…

Vintage clothes and accessories at Sankt Hans Bazar on Ravnsborggade, Copenhagen

After our little shopping adventure, we got hungry – or I did, at least – so we headed over to Griffenfeldsgade to check out the latest talk of the town: Ramen to Bíiru, Mikkeller’s most recent adventure into the world of ramen and beer.

It’s a tiny place, but they’ve used the space well so it seats around 20-22 people. The menu is small: you have your choice between three different types of ramen (shio with a chicken broth, shoyu with soy sauce, and spicy miso with four different levels of spiciness). To drink, you can get Japanese soda (plain or melon-flavored) or different beers from the Mikkeller brewery. Ramen are 85-95kr and beers are 40-50kr. You order at an original Japanese machine, which prints out your ticket that you take to the register to pay.

Order machine at Mikkeller's "Ramen To Biiru" in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

I felt like trying the concept, so I went for a beer (hey, I’m on vacation!). I chose an American Pale Ale, which was light and fresh. Bonus points for the iced glass!

Mikkeller beer at "Ramen To Biiru" in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

Shoyu ramen at Mikkeller's "Ramen To Biiru" in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

We both picked the shoyu ramen with thinly sliced pork, egg, and noodles in a chicken broth with soy sauce. I thought it tasted great, although I’ll be the first to admit that I’m not an expert on ramen. I’ve never been to Japan, so I wouldn’t be able to say if it was authentic, but I enjoyed it and ate it all – despite the size of the bowl!

Shoyu ramen and beer at Mikkeller's "Ramen To Biiru" in Nørrebro, Copenhagen

I’ll admit that I don’t really get the concept of ramen and beer, so next time I’ll try a soda or just stick with the complementary water, but the soup was great. If it weren’t so crazy warm here these days, I’m sure this would be a great meal to warm up on a freezing winter day. Maybe in January – I’ll have to come back and try the spicy miso!

Ramen to Bíiru (Ramen & Beer) – Griffenfeldsgade 28, Nørrebro – website


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