Dirty Southern Brunch at Alabama Social

Dirty Southern Brunch at Alabama Social

Show of hands: who has made a bunch of new year’s resolutions?

Now, for how many of you do these resolutions include something along the lines of eating healthier, losing some weight, eating meat-free two days a week? Thought so.

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But it’s still the old year, so here’s one last hurrah for indulgence! You see, I’m not one for diets. I’m one for Saturday cocktail nights with the girls, followed by epic Sunday brunches. I’m also one of the lucky ones who got to try Alabama Social‘s pop-up Sunday “Dirty Southern Brunch“, which they offered for only four Sundays this past December.

Wait, you say, I can’t even go and eat all this now? But it looks so delicious! That’s true, and I’m sorry. However, I do hope that by sharing the awesomeness that was this Sunday brunch, and because it seems to have been a huge success, we can collectively persuade Madklubben to make this a regular offer. Or at least do a repeat. Or feed us the scraps. So take to their social media, email them, call them up, and tell them you want to eat all of this. Please, Madklubben, don’t leave us hanging here!

"Dirty Southern" Sunday brunch at Madklubben's Alamaba Social, Copenhagen

The brunch started with this little selection: freshly toasted sourdough bread with honey cream cheese, soft tacos with avocado and fresh pico de gallo, and some slices of roast beef.

No good brunch can get away without eggs, so next up was this skillet with scrambled eggs and the most delicious, spicy sausages. They were almost chorizo-like in their taste, and they really hit the spot!

"Dirty Southern" Sunday brunch at Madklubben's Alamaba Social, Copenhagen

One of my favorite combinations of all time has to be chicken and waffles. And Alabama Social did not disappoint! Fluffy Belgian waffles topped with crispy fried chicken, a tangy barbecue sauce, and some creme fraiche and frisee lettuce on top. Now, these were definitely epic, especially the waffle was super soft and delicious, but I still ever so slightly prefer the chicken ‘n’ waffles at The Union Kitchen. It just strikes a perfect balance between spicy and sweet, as they also top it off with maple syrup. If you haven’t tried that one yet, do it soon!

"Dirty Southern" Sunday brunch at Madklubben's Alamaba Social, Copenhagen

But I digress. This is not about The Union Kitchen. This is not about plotting dishes against each other. This is about indulging like there’s no tomorrow. And what better way to do that than chili fries? If any exists, I’m blissfully unaware.

I’ve said it before, Alabama Social’s fries are utter perfection. They are thick, crispy on the outside, and soft on the inside, just as I like them. Now, slather those in heaps of chili and creme fraiche, and we’re talking! Personally, I didn’t need the coriander on top (tastes like soap to me), and I think our batch of chili was a bit burned – that was definitely not just smokey taste – but the concept is brilliant and I’d order it again in a heartbeat!

"Dirty Southern" Sunday brunch at Madklubben's Alamaba Social, Copenhagen

You know I always like to finish with something sweet, so this stack of buttermilk pancakes with fresh apples, caramel sauce, and chopped nuts was right up my alley. I mean, just look at it! Marvel at the beauty that is this dish!

"Dirty Southern" Sunday brunch at Madklubben's Alamaba Social, Copenhagen

But beware, for if you marvel (or take pictures) for too long, the pancakes will begin to mysteriously disappear from the plate…

"Dirty Southern" Sunday brunch at Madklubben's Alamaba Social, Copenhagen

Well, you can’t put pancakes that delicious in front of the guy and expect him to not dig in!

As you can see, this was not your average brunch (at least not for Copenhagen standards). I sincerely hope you’re not mad at me for showing you something you can’t have, and I repeat my plea to Madklubben and Alabama Social to make this a regular thing. You know we want it. Bad!

UPDATE: Great news! Madklubben has heard my prayers and pleas, and has decided to make this brunch a Sunday regular, so you can go and get your “dirty southern” fix, too! I’ll totally be taking credit for this – you’re welcome, Copenhagen!

Finally, for more inspiration on great places to eat brunch in Copenhagen, check out this post.

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