More great breakfast and brunch spots in Copenhagen

More great breakfast and brunch spots in Copenhagen


Among my all-time most popular posts is this one about 5 great brunch spots in Copenhagen. Seems like brunch is as popular as ever – and why wouldn’t it be? It’s ideal both for early birds and late risers, for indecisive people who simply cannot make up their minds, and for those who just want it all – brunch is the answer!

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And thankfully, Copenhagen is practically overflowing with brunch offers. There are your typical bakeries and cafés, but even classic lunch and dinner restaurants and more upscale places are venturing into the breakfast and brunch domain. So it was about time to give on of my all-time classics a little update. So: here are even more great breakfast and brunch spots in Copenhagen!


Mad og Kaffe (Vesterbro)

Pick-and-mix brunch at Mad og Kaffe in Vesterbro, Copenhagen

Vesterbro is a hub of new and trendy places, and it seems like they all get on the Instagram rotation for a couple of weeks before being replaced by the next hot spot. Mad og Kaffe on Sønder Boulevard was one of the first ones to offer “bland selv brunch” – a pick and mix style offer where you get to put together your own brunch plate of 3, 5, or even 7 different items. This style of brunch has gotten increasingly popular, and I think it’s a brilliant idea. On the plate above I chose two fried eggs, cheese with jam, grapefruit, bruschetta, and a mixed bread basket. They also have sausages, croissants, muffins, yogurt, and more. Their homemade lemonade is also really good. Definitely book a table if you want to go on the weekend!

Style: Pick-and-mix   Price: DKK 100 for 5 items   Sønder Boulevard 68



The Union Kitchen (Nyhavn)

Chicken and waffles at The Union Kitchen, Copenhagen

The Union Kitchen, located in a small side street of Nyhavn, is one of my favorite places for breakfast – mainly because you get more than your typical Copenhagen brunch plate (bread, cheese, yoghurt and muesli, you know, the usual). My absolute staple is the chicken and waffles – yes, they actually serve that! Soft buttermilk waffles, topped with two pieces of crispy and perfectly tender and juicy chicken, spicy harissa sauce, yogurt, and maple syrup. Another staple is the avocado “toast” on crispy, toasted rye bread with a perfectly poached egg and chili flakes. Definitely get a fresh juice, too, and if you’re hungover, they have a huge brunch burger that comes with a shot of Fernet Branca!

Style: Menu (brunch plate available)   Price: DKK 139 (brunch plate)   Store Strandstræde 21


Café Dyrehaven (Vesterbro)


Café Dyrehaven on Sønder Boulevard is one of those places that feels like they’ve been around forever. Everything about it feels familiar, from the cozy booths by the windows to the dark, wood-paneled walls and the shelf above the bar with wine and lemonade bottles lined up. This is an all-day spot, open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and turning into a neighborhood bar at night. Their breakfast menu is small, but covers the classics like avocado toast and these beautiful Eggs Benedict on a thick slice of rye bread with delicious ham. I love that they also have simple breakfast plates like a soft-boiled egg with cheese on bread.

Style: Menu (breakfast plates available)   Price: DKK 30-70 per dish   Sdr. Boulevard 72


Wolfie (Sydhavn) – CLOSED

Breakfast at Wolfie in Sydhavn, Copenhagen

The Sydhavn area in the south of Copenhagen has a bit of a questionable reputation, but there’s more and more life coming to it. This summer, the masterminds behind Grød (next one in my list) opened a new café in the baby blue cabin in the middle of Mozarts Plads, which focuses on breakfast, lunch, baked goods, and good coffee. Their menu is classic – the “Sydhavn plate” contains sourdough bread, Danish cheese, jam, and a soft-boiled egg, but you’ll also find a peanut butter and jelly toast, as well as one of the best avocado toasts in Copenhagen, topped with the most delicious pesto, fresh cherry tomatoes, and truffle mayo. Definitely worth a visit!

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Wolfie closed its doors in April 2016, after only about one year. The men behind the cute cafe have promised to return to the Sydhavn area, so I’m excited to see what they come up with!

Style: Menu   Price: DKK 40-80 per dish   Mozarts Plads 1B   Facebook


Grød (Torvehallerne, Nørrebro)

Breakfast porridge at GRØD, Copenhagen

I loooove GRØD! They are really taking the simple classic that is oatmeal (or porridge) to the next level. They have different bases, such as classic oats, barley, and spelt, and their toppings include seasonal fruits, homemade compotes, chopped nuts, sauces, skyr, or cacao nibs. I love their classic oatmeal with apples, caramel sauce (dulce de leche), and almonds (pictured). If you’re looking for an alternative lunch/ dinner – they have risottos, daal, and bygottos, too! You’ll find them on Jægersborggade, at Tørvehallerne, and on Guldbergsgade.

Style: Menu   Price: DKK 35-45 per bowl   Jægersborggade 50


Alabama Social (Nørrebro)

Chili fries at Alabama Social's "Dirty Southern Brunch", Copenhagen

It’s not a secret that Alabama Social is one of my favorite restaurants in Copenhagen. Ever since I lived in New Orleans, I have a soft spot for Southern style comfort food, and when I heard that they now have Sunday brunch, I was ecstatic – so much so, in fact, that I wrote an entire post about it. Their “Dirty Southern” brunch is served family-style and includes tacos with pico de gallo and avocado, ricotta and honey toast, chicken and waffles, chili fries, and the most scrumptious buttermilk pancakes with apples and caramel. It’s only available on Sundays and it’s very popular, so I recommend you book a table in advance!

Style: Pre-set menu   Price: DKK 200   Sortedam Dossering 3


If you have any favorite breakfast and brunch spots in Copenhagen, let me know in the comments below!

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