10 photos that show why Copenhagen winters rock

10 photos that show why Copenhagen winters rock

We’ve had the best winter weather here these last couple of days! We had a bit of a rough start to the new year, with grey, rainy, windy days, but this past week or so, the weather has really picked up nicely and Copenhagen is showing us its prettiest winter side.

The days are icy cold and clear, and a light snow has covered the city like a soft, white blanket. The sun comes out and dips the colorful buildings in the most beautiful light. The air is crisp and invites for long strolls along the lakes, in one of the many parks (Kastellet, Frederiksberg Have), or on the beach.

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I’ve collected some of my favorite pins that show Copenhagen in its best winter colors – don’t forget you can follow me on Pinterest for more pins of Copenhagen!

Snowy rooftops around the parliament building, Christiansborg

On the rooftop of Illum on Strøget

Aerial view of the royal residence Amalienborg, with the Opera House in the background

An old sailboat at Nyhavn

More snowy rooftops – so gorgeous

If only taking the S-train in the snow really was that romantic!

Beaches in the snow are the best

Probably one of my favorite pictures of the Little Mermaid

Winter “hygge” in the cobblestone streets

Snowy rooftops around City Hall in the twilight

How do you like Copenhagen in the snow? And what are your favorite places to go? Share in the comments below!

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8 thoughts on “10 photos that show why Copenhagen winters rock”

  • Really lovely pictures!

    I recently moved to Copenhagen so I was wondering if any of you experienced expats can recommend a good mobile phone company?


    • Hey Greg

      Welcome to Copenhagen, enjoy it!

      The phone companies vary slightly according to where you live. You can compare the different phone companies on http://www.samlino.dk but the websites in Danish so I hope you’re up for that :)

      Enjoy your time here!

    • Hi Paul, thanks for your comment! That’s a tough one – I think I would recommend going to Nyhavn and the area around it, maybe Amalienborg castle. Then you could also take the super quick boat ride across the harbor to Copenhagen Street Food. Copenhagen is great pretty much all year round – I’d just avoid January and February, those are not fun.

  • I am moving there next summer so hopefully have chance to see this type of weather,last year spent a week there in Oct and it wasn´t that bad at all but now going for many seasons it s going to be great..Cheers!!
    Hej hej!

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