As American as apple pie

As American as apple pie

We must have a pie. Stress cannot exist in the presence of a pie. David Mamet

Truer words have never been spoken. Pie is everything. And I’m talking pie here, not cake. Cake is what we get here in Europe, and it’s decidedly different from American pie, if you ask my not at all fact-based or professional opinion. We have Bundt cakes, sheet cakes, layered cakes with fillings, ganache, butter cream, and frostings, we have cheesecakes, tartes, galettes, and gateaux. But we usually don’t have pie.

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When I hear the word pie, I immediately think of apple pie, cherry pie, or pumpkin pie, I think of warm fruit oozing out of buttery crusts, I think comfort, coziness, and happy places. In that sense, American pies and Danish hygge are a perfect match: a happy moment with friends and family, sharing a warm, comforting pie.

This sign says it all! - at The American Pie Co. in Copenhagen

I could not be more thrilled about The American Pie Company, a (relatively) new pie shop and café in the heart of Copenhagen. Opened by two American expats/ pie lovers and a native Dane but “American at heart”, it’s destined to become the new oasis of American-Danish hygge. Behind the counter, this neon sign tells you what’s up – all PIE everything!

The shop is small and super cozy. On the back wall, there’s a cabinet with souvenirs, their pie baking book, pie pans, and items like real maple syrup for sale. Another wall serves as a display for old-fashioned pie pans. The tables by the large windows invite you to sit and slow down with some coffee and pie.

Fresh brewed coffee in cute branded mugs at The American Pie Co. in Copenhagen

These super adorable cups are for sale, too, by the way.

Their freshly brewed coffee is strong and delicious, just as it should be. But the real stars, obviously, are the pies.

Pies at The American Pie Co. in Copenhagen

Cut my pie into four pieces, I don’t think I could eat eight. Yogi Berra

Oh my Lord, the pies! I spent a good ten minutes in front of the display case, indecisive, going back and forth in my head, trying to pick out a slice. To help you understand my dilemma, here are a few of the pies they have: rich bourbon pecan, apple cinnamon pie with a flaky double crust, Oreo crust with chocolate espresso ganache and chocolate mousse, coconut cream pie with a coconut and vanilla filling, lemon meringue, cherry pie with a hint of orange… You catch my drift.

I simply couldn’t pick one – so I picked two. The first one was this absolute beauty: “The Blue Goose” – blueberry and gooseberry in the most perfect, buttery, sugar-sprinkled crust.

Blueberry-gooseberry pie at The American Pie Co. in Copenhagen

I’m in love. I want to sit and watch the sunset with this pie. I want to marry this pie and have its sweet, little babies. I mean, just look at it. But not too long, because it’s mine!

Blueberry-gooseberry pie at The American Pie Co. in Copenhagen

My second pie was the lemon meringue, and it was an absolute stunner as well. Zingy, tangy lemon filling, topped with the airiest, fluffiest meringue with slightly torched tips. This, cold, in the summer – perfection!

Fluffy, tangy lemon meringue pie at The American Pie Co. in Copenhagen

I also got to try my friend’s apple crumble, which was fresh out of the oven and therefore not super photogenic, but it tasted like a warm hug from your mom.

This sign shows you the way to delicious, American pies at The American Pie Co. in Copenhagen

At some point, the boyfriend arrived, and did not surprise me with his choice of the coconut cream pie (I think coconut and vanilla are his two favorite flavors in the world, apart from maybe steak). He also got a huge hot chocolate with whipped cream, because Friday, and it was the thickest, richest, chocolatiest hot chocolate ever.

The coconut cream pie tastes like a tropical beach vacation, you can practically hear the steel drums and the crushing of the waves as you dig into the high-towering, light and fluffy coconut cream. And just when you think it can’t get more coconutty, you reach the coconut vanilla filling and ascend to previously unknown levels of coconuttiness (which is totally a word).

Coconut cream pie and rich hot chocolate at The American Pie Co. in Copenhagen

In short, if you need something warm and delicious for both your tummy and your soul, this is the place to go. I have yet to try their savory pies, but I have been dreaming of that blueberry and gooseberry pie ever since I first tried it (that’s how you know it’s love!).

Go and try it, if you haven’t – I guarantee that you will not be disappointed. If you are, I will personally pay for your pie and eat the rest of it.*

The American Pie Co.   Skindergade 25

This is not a sponsored post.

* Okay, I probably won’t pay for your pie. But I will eat the rest.

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