Burgers all day: 5 more great burger spots in Copenhagen

Burgers all day: 5 more great burger spots in Copenhagen

You may have caught on to the fact that I’m a HUGE burger fan – in fact, I have a roughly monthly burger date with one of my good friends here, and we try to eat our way through the Copenhagen burger scene. That’s easier said than done, though, as it seems to be ever-expanding and it can be hard to keep track. But I try – also so that I can let you know where to go when that burger craving hits you! I wrote a post a while back about 5 great burger places in Copenhagen, and I thought it was high time for an update, so here you go: five more!

Where do you like to get your burger fix? Hit me up in the comments below, so I can put them on my list to try on my monthly burger date!

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Best burgers in Copenhagen: Sliders

Probably one of the hottest new places of 2015, with the successful guys from Lukas Graham behind it, the concept of Sliders is simple: there are nine different variations of the slider, all are very unusual and you’ll hardly find any classics here – the most common version is a pulled pork slider with coleslaw. Forget the “boring” cheeseburger and choose between exotic flavor combinations that are sure to tickle your fancy. You’ll get three sliders plus a side (fries or a side salad) for DKK 119 (excluding dips and drinks). My favorites are the Jalapeno Cream and the Big Poppa, although the previously mentioned pulled pork burger is quite delicious, too. But seriously, you MUST order the fries here, because they are excellent! Large, crispy on the outside, soft on the inside, and with a deliciously creamy and spicy chili mayo – yum!

Peblinge Dossering 3   3 sliders + fries DKK 119   Facebook   post


Tommi’s Burger Joint

Tommi's Burger Joint, Copenhagen

You may know Tommi’s Burger Joint from Iceland, Berlin, or London. The concept is very American diner-like, with burgers wrapped in paper and served in little baskets with the fries. Sodas are served in the can. It’s so unpretentious, so understatement, and so “back to the basics”, which is what makes it so great. The buns are soft and a little bit sweet, brioche-like. The meat is cooked perfectly and well-seasoned. By default, they’ll cook your burger medium, but of course you can ask for it to be well done, if that’s what you prefer. Otherwise, there’s some lettuce, a slice of tomato, and some pickles, and of course ketchup and mustard. The burgers are not huge, but good for a lunch portion, and the fries are nice, too. Pick a sunny day where you can sit outside!

Høkerboderne 23   burger, fries, and soda DKK 94   burgerjoint.dk   post


Greasy Spoon

Best burgers in Copenhagen: Greasy Spoon

Greasy Spoon is what I would call a theme restaurant. They’re going all in with the “American Diner” concept – you’re seated at the bar or in a booth, their specialty is burgers and milkshakes – the latter served with heaps of whipped cream and a maraschino cherry on top. I have to openly admit that I’ve only had one of their burgers so far: it’s one of their rotating, weekly specials, and I am not ashamed to say that I’m monitoring their Instagram to see when it is on rotation again. It’s called the “Chutney Special”, and it’s one of my favorite burgers in the history of ever: the bun is slathered in garlic mayo (bottom) and chili mayo (top), and the juicy beef patty is topped with slices of fried chorizo, a generous amount of manchego cheese, and a dollop of sweet, tangy mango chutney. You must absolutely try this beauty of a burger!

Studiestræde 14   burgers DKK 85-95, sides DKK 30-35, dips DKK 10   greasyspoon.dk


Juicy Burger

Best burgers in Copenhagen: JuicyBurger

Juicy Burger is located in the Meatpacking District (Kødbyen), and if you ask me, that’s no coincidence. Everything about this place is just very… Vesterbro – if you catch my drift. The man behind Juicy Burger is Henrik Boserup, who’s a chef by trade and worked for Michelin-starred Søllerød Kro, Formel B, and Hotel d’Angleterre. Now, he’s a man on a mission to create the perfect burger. The patty is a special mix of different cuts of meat to make it both juicy and lean, and even the bun was specifically created with the help of a baker to be crispy on the outside and soft on the inside – the texture actually reminded me a bit of ciabatta. It’s definitely not your average burger bun! Otherwise, the classic burger contains homemade dressing, homemade ketchup, lettuce, cucumber, and roasted onions – a really nice, unusual burger. I was a bit disappointed by the roasted potatoes, though, which were a bit too oily and lacked flavor for my taste.

Flæsketorvet 44   burgers DKK 55, extras DKK 5-12, sides DKK 20   Facebook




Best burgers in Copenhagen: YoBurger

The newest player on the Copenhagen burger scene, YoBurger is an unassuming little burger joint that doesn’t look like much – it reminds me of a typical shawarma joint with an open kitchen, a counter to order, and the walls lined with narrow bar tables and bar stools. But that’s totally okay. The focus is on making great, no-fuss burgers – and they’re budget-friendly, too! I’m a huge fan of the soft, squishy brioche buns, the high-quality Danish meat is cooked perfectly medium, there’s a bit of lettuce and tomato, simple and genius. What’s also genius is their “magic sauce”, a homemade concoction that is so secret that all I could squeeze out of the burger guy was that it contains onions and pickles. They’ll be expanding their menu with add-ons, like bacon, avocado, etc., and there’s a vegetarian option with a panko-fried portobello mushroom, too. Before I forget to mention it – their fries are criss-cross cut (Danish “bølgefritter”), which is so awesomely 90ies that I might have freaked out a little. I foresee great things for YoBurger, so go and try them soon!

Nørregade 2   burger + criss-cross fries + soda DKK 89   yoburger.dk

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3 thoughts on “Burgers all day: 5 more great burger spots in Copenhagen”

  • Hi! Hope you’re feeling better. I can highly recommend three places. The first is grillen, there’s one on amagerbro, christianshavn and nørrebro. Really delicious with lots of choices of different cut French fries and dips. The other I recently tried was hache, I recommend the blue cheese burger. The last place…you might not think I actually a major global chain, and that’s TGI Fridays at højbro plads. Their Jack Daniels burger is fantastic! It comes with a sweet, smokey, sticky Jack Daniels sauce for French fry dipping!! What I like about all three is the soft American style buns allowing you to grab it with both hands, none of this hard ciabatta bun business.

  • Tommi’s! That is our favorite – I love the kitsch interior and the shakes are amazing. The toppings bar is the best. I have been wanting to try Sliders too – back on the list! Cheers, Erin

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