Around Copenhagen: Maduro*

Around Copenhagen: Maduro*

It’s been a loooong time since I’ve last told you about some of my favorite places in the city, but today I’m making up for that by introducing you to this little gem!

If there’s one thing I love, it’s browsing interior design and decoration stores. I could literally change the style of my apartment once a week or so, and I really have to hold myself back and not buy every single thing that catches my eye. But I do love roaming around, especially in those little stores, where the owner hand-picks each brand and item on the shelves.

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Between Torvehallerne and the Lakes, you’ll find Maduro*, a little gem of a store that you absolutely must visit! The front of the store is all interior, decoration, posters, and tableware, while the back half is the cutest little toy and book store for kids.

Maduro interior design and toy store, Copenhagen

It’s filled to the brim with hand-picked designs from well-known brands such as Broste Copenhagen and House Doctor, amazing Nicholas Vahé delicacies, and prints from Kortkartellet, Michelle Carslund, and Sivellink. My mom was ecstatic to find meraki products and was seriously considering checking an extra bag just for candles on her way home!

Maduro interior design and toy store, Copenhagen

I could have seriously overspent, but restricted myself to a beautiful, rugged House Doctor serving plate.

Maduro interior design and toy store, Copenhagen

On another occasion, I had bought these adorable shopping list fridge magnets for my sister and her boyfriend, only to find out that their fridge isn’t magnetic. Oops!

Maduro interior design and toy store, Copenhagen

Also, how cool is that baby blue lamp?!

What are your favorite design and interior shops? Share in the comments below!

Maduro*   |   Frederiksborggade 39, 1360 Copenhagen   |


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