Danish brands: Retap eco-friendly water bottles

Danish brands: Retap eco-friendly water bottles

Are you drinking enough water? Chances are you’re not – I know I’m certainly struggling to remember my daily water intake! It’s not because I drink a lot of soda or juices instead, I just forget during a busy day.

At my previous job, we used to get bottled water for free, which was a great way to keep hydrated. There was always a bottle on my desk, reminding me to drink enough. When I switched jobs last year, I noticed after some time that I wasn’t getting enough liquids. In the small kitchen in my department, we only have disposable paper cups to fill with tap water, and unless you drink the whole cup at once, the paper tends to get soggy and you can start to taste it, too.

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So I decided it was time to get myself a nice and stylish water bottle for work! I knew I preferred glass over plastic, and after some searching around, I found Retap, eco-friendly water bottles designed specifically for drinking tap water.

Staying hydrated with the stylish retap water bottles

Retap was conceived in Copenhagen, initially to do something about the ever growing plastic waste in the world’s oceans. The vision was no less than to “rethink and transform the way we drink water”, and born from this were the sleek, stylish, and functional bottles.

The bottles come in three different sizes – 0.3l, 0.5l, and 0.8l – and there’s a variety of colored lids made from TPE (thermoplastic rubber). They seal the bottle tight, so you can also take it with you in your bag. The bottle’s opening is large enough for easy refills, and both the bottle and the lid are dishwasher-safe.

Staying hydrated with the stylish retap water bottles

You can also easily add fruit to your water to infuse it with different flavors, like classic lemon or lime slices, blueberries, or cucumber slices. I really love the elegant design, and have already gotten compliments at the office. For me, this is what Danish design is all about: style, functionality, and sustainability!

Staying hydrated with the stylish retap water bottles

Staying hydrated with the stylish retap water bottles

How do you stay hydrated? If you have any great infused water flavor combinations, let me know in the comments below!

The Retap bottle is available in stores and webshops around the world. Find your nearest one here.

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2 thoughts on “Danish brands: Retap eco-friendly water bottles”

  • These are really nice to look at. I might like them for home. I like to have a glass of water nearby at all times, but I am really accident prone and have ruined more than one laptop because of water + cat. So now I have a couple of Nalgene OTF (on the fly) bottles that I carry around everywhere. I like them because I can carry them with a single finger. I would break those pretty glass bottles on my first day out…but for home I think they look perfect. I am definitely getting a few!

    • Hi Kristen, aren’t they super stylish? They are actually quite sturdy and the lid closes very tightly – I’ve transported them in my purse a couple of times without a problem. But I agree that especially the larger one would be great to have in the house – I use mine in the office :)

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