Dinner with a view – Loft Gastrogrill

Dinner with a view – Loft Gastrogrill

Are you a movie-goer? You definitely won’t find me catching a movie every weekend, but sometimes, I enjoy the experience. When you take that first step into the theater’s lobby and everything smells like popcorn; shopping for snacks and giant buckets of soft drinks, only to eat it all during the commercials.

By the way: Can we take a minute to talk about popcorn? Being German, I’m of the opinion that popcorn at the movies needs to be sweet. In Denmark, however, you can only get salty popcorn. So I have to stick with giant bags of “bland selv slik” instead. The struggle is real!

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The other weekend, the boyfriend and I spontaneously decided to have a date night – the classic: dinner and a movie. Living close to the Fields mall, I thought this would be a good opportunity to try out Loft Gastrogrill, which had been on my list for quite some time. The movie we saw was Batman v Superman, which I will not waste any time on, because it was baaaaaaad (to quote one reviewer: it is “the equivalent of watching someone feeding millions of dollars to a blender for 151 minutes”. Accurate.).

The dinner was nice, though, so I thought I’d share that with you.

As soon as we walked in (the restaurant is ultra conveniently located directly by the movie theater!), I was completely sold on the interior, which – as the name suggests – goes for a New York loft-style with super high ceilings, two full walls of glass windows (great view!), and a bunch of cool light bulb lamps. And how amazing is that blue wall color?!

Dinner with a view: Loft Gastrogrill at Fields, Copenhagen
via timos.dk

We started with some bubbles and snacks – there’s a special offer of your choice of three snacks with two glasses of cava for DKK 150. We chose olives, grissini, and bruschetta.

Dinner with a view: Loft Gastrogrill at Fields, Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

The grissini were homemade and really nice – though I wouldn’t necessarily have needed the mayo dip with them. The olives were fine, too, though I prefer green, so a selection would’ve been even better.

I really enjoyed the bruschetta, which was a deconstructed version and a nice change of pace from the usual. The bread was toasted and delightfully crunchy, which gave a nice balance in texture. The cherry tomatoes packed a lot of flavor, as did the homemade pesto. A definite must-order!

Dinner with a view: Loft Gastrogrill at Fields, Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

For mains, the boyfriend went with the Black Angus burger, which was very good, but not mind-blowing. It is kept relatively simple: a crispy sesame bun, salad, a Black Angus patty, chili mayo, and pickled red onions – an absolute favorite of mine, and I thought the flavors worked together really well. The burger comes with fries and a dip (I definitely recommend the estragon mayo!), but I found the price a bit hefty (DKK 145) – you could probably count the number of fries on two hands.

Dinner with a view: Loft Gastrogrill at Fields, Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

I chose the grilled sea bass (I know, who goes to a steak house and orders the fish?). All mains come with your choice of sauce and side, and by recommendation of our friendly waitress, I opted for the red mojo sauce, which was absolutely delicious. The fish was also very nicely seasoned, tender, and juicy – see, not a bad choice at all!

Dinner with a view: Loft Gastrogrill at Fields, Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

I’m a sucker for Caesar Salad, so of course I had to order it. It was nice – the dressing was on point, but I prefer shaved rather than shredded parmesan. Also, there were capers in it, which I didn’t mind, because I love capers, but it is a bit odd for a Caesar Salad… maybe they were meant as a replacement for the anchovies? All in all, a nice salad, though.

Dinner with a view: Loft Gastrogrill at Fields, Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

As you well know by now, I don’t eat dinner without dessert, so we ordered one to share. I love a good panna cotta, and theirs was as good as they come! It had the perfect texture and just the right amount of vanilla flavor without being overly sweet. It was topped with a rhubarb compote (which I loved, but the boyfriend didn’t appreciate too much), and a bit of crumble.

Dinner with a view: Loft Gastrogrill at Fields, Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

Service throughout the night was very nice and accommodating – we asked to switch tables to get one by the window as it became available, which was no problem – although not perfect. We occasionally had to remind them of something we had ordered, but were always met with a smile.

So if you’re catching a movie at Fields, or are looking for lunch after a shopping trip, Loft Gastrogrill won’t disappoint.

In total, we paid about DKK 700 for the food, a glass of wine, water, and coffee.

Loft Gastrogrill   |   Fields, level 2 food lounge, Arne Jacobsens Allé 12, 2300 Copenhagen   |   timos.dk/loft

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