Restaurant Nummer 2

Restaurant Nummer 2

At work, I’m always the one asking my team members when it’s time for lunch. HUGE surprise, I know, it’s so unlike me to constantly think about food! My attention span is about from here to my next meal.

Unfortunately, my team can be quite the lunch-slackers. “Too busy right now”, “had a big breakfast”, “have a meeting”, “menu in the cafeteria doesn’t sound too great today”… they’ll always find an excuse. Me, personally, I’d never skip lunch. I usually don’t eat breakfast, so if I don’t get any lunch, I get hangry and completely useless. So it’s really better for all involved to make sure I get fed around noon.

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Recently, though, I got something better than a team lunch – I got a team dinner! And since it’s super close to work, we chose Restaurant no.2, sort of the “little brother” to Copenhagen staple A.O.C. Also, my American colleague is physically unable to stop laughing at the name of the place. Well, I kinda get why.

Due the potentially funny-sounding English version of the name, I’ve decided to use the Danish variant (“Nummer 2”) throughout this post. Can’t have you giggling at every other paragraph!

Like its big brother, the concept is Nordic cuisine, with local and seasonal high quality ingredients, creative combinations, and flawless execution. The interior is beautiful, modern, minimalistic, and stylish, with a view across the harbor right at the Black Diamond.

Restaurant Nummer 2 | The Copenhagen Tales

Since the company was paying (did I mention I love team dinners?), we went all out, starting with a signature cocktail from their bar menu. Our dinner menu consisted of four courses and two snacks, and we opted for the wine pairing as well (duh!).

As we finished our cocktails, our snacks were served alongside some bubbly. We got these cute little pies with crispy chicken skin and asparagus, as well as rye bread crackers with radishes and watercress.

Snacks at Restaurant Nummer 2 | The Copenhagen Tales

Snacks at Restaurant Nummer 2 | The Copenhagen Tales

Our first course of the night might have already been my favorite. Thin slices of daikon radish covered a creamy mousse of fresh peas (I can NOT get enough of peas!). There was also some horseradish jelly in there somewhere, which gave a bit of spiciness. Perfection!

Starter at Restaurant Nummer 2 | The Copenhagen Tales

Following this green-and-white beauty, we were served a more colorful dish of pan-seared scallops (which I ADORE), carrots, carrot purée, and some hollandaise. The scallops couldn’t have been more perfect if they tried, and the carrot purée had a perfect texture and rich taste.

Dinner at Restaurant no.2 | The Copenhagen Tales

The main course was Danish lamb. I find that lamb can be a bit tricky – I always get super excited when I see it on the menu, but other people (like my boyfriend, and two of my colleagues) really don’t like it. I love ordering lamb at good restaurants, because I find it very hard to make at home. Maybe I just haven’t tried hard enough…

The lamb was served with celery root, cabbage, and a lingonberry sauce. Action shot!

Main course of lamb at Restaurant no.2 | The Copenhagen Tales

Main course of lamb at Restaurant no.2 | The Copenhagen Tales

It was absolutely amazing, beautifully tender, with a lovely, distinct lamb taste, though without being overbearing. I can’t believe two of my colleagues would go with beef over this beauty of a dish! Their loss.

Finally, it was time for dessert. It was definitely ice cream with a crumble, but I don’t recall exactly what ice cream it was. I’m fairly certain it was birch tree, because I recall my colleague saying it reminded him of the woods in Finland. In my defense, this was at the end of the meal, after the wine had been freely flowing…

Dessert at Restaurant no.2 | The Copenhagen Tales

We weren’t quite done talking, so obviously we had to order more cocktails, or whiskey, in some cases. I opted for the restaurant’s version of an espresso martini, which was rich, creamy, and oh-so-delicious!

Cocktail at Restaurant no.2 | The Copenhagen Tales

After this, my memory gets a bit hazy, but I did manage to grab a cab home (don’t drink and bike, not even in Copenhagen!).

I can only recommend Restaurant Nummer 2 – it’s a great alternative to some more pricey places, the food is amazing, the wine pairing was good, and the interior and view speak for themselves. The four course dinner menu is DKK 450, and the standard wine pairing is DKK 325. All in all, that’s more than fair.

Have you been to Restaurant Nummer 2? Or do you take issue with the name as well? Share in the comments below!

Restaurant Nummer 2   |   Nicolai Eigtvedsgade 32, 1402 Copenhagen   |

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