Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs

In my time, I’ve been to quite a few tastings – most of them wine, but also some others (like olive oil and chocolate, for example). But I’d never really heard of a “burger tasting”, so that subject line immediately caught my attention in my inbox!

The email came from the new burger place that opened this summer in the city center: Friends & Brgrs. It’s a small Finnish burger chain, although “chain” might be stretching it, since they have five places overall, four of which are located in Finland. I’d read good things about them on Yelp and Instagram, plus I’m not one to turn down a free burger, so, boyfriend in tow, I ventured out to give it a try.

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The first-floor restaurant is located on Strøget and the interior is minimalistic, modern and relaxed, with a big open kitchen. It’s a bit of an odd mix somewhere between your typical fast food joint and a low-key restaurant – it’s inviting you to sit down and enjoy your burger, but not to linger unnecessarily. Burgers are served on plates, but there’s no cutlery. There’s a self-service soda fountain, but you get actual glasses. It’s a little unusual, but it works.

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

We picked our table and got some drinks, and then the first burger arrived. All in all, we got to taste four different burgers. They were cut in half for us to share – thank God, ’cause I could NOT have eaten four whole burgers!

Up first was the Aioli Brgr with aioli, cheddar, lettuce, and pickled red onions.

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

Friends & Brgrs make their own buns, and they are fluffy, light, and squishy, if that makes any sense… they’re definitely very tasty, not your typical sesame buns or the sweeter, brioche-like bun. All burgers can also be made gluten free, and their cheddar cheese is always lactose free (I didn’t taste any difference at all).

The meat itself was lightly packed into patties, they crumbled a bit, but I vastly prefer that over a stone hard, perfectly round piece of charcoal! The meat had a great taste, although you may want to note that their standard is to cook them well done.

Up next was the Classic Brgr: cheddar, lettuce, tomato, and onion with ketchup, mustard and homemade mayonnaise. In my mind, this is what a classic burger should look like (maybe without the cheese would be even more classic, but I love cheese so I was happy). I think a classic burger needs mustard and ketchup for sure, and the homemade mayonnaise is some of the best I’ve ever tasted! This may have been my favorite burger of the night.

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales


In between all of the burgers, we also got to taste the triple-fried fries with three homemade sauces: mayo, chipotle mayo, and aioli. Give me all the chipotle flavored things and I will die happy!

The fries are quite short, but that means you don’t have to double-dip. They’re crispy and tasty, so no complaints here. At all.

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

Our third burger of the night was the Chevre Brgr with fresh goat’s cheese and chili jam. I’m a sucker for goat’s cheese, and I loved that it was the creamy kind – normally, you’ll find the aged, melty kind on burgers. This worked exceptionally well with the chili jam, which was spicy and sweet. This burger also had a different kind of bun, this one was a bit more ciabatta-like.

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

While the first three burgers were pre-selected for us, we got to choose the last one ourselves. I’d had my eye on the Chipotle Brgr from the minute we walked into the place, so of course that’s what we went with.

And it did not disappoint! Lettuce, onions, chipotle chilis, and cheddar, topped off with a generous dollop of chipotle mayo. I think I’m in love!

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs | The Copenhagen Tales

I really enjoyed all of the burgers and it’d be hard for me to pick a favorite – I’d probably go with the classic or chipotle burger next time. A burger with fries and a drink is DKK 115, which I find very fair.

Have you tried Friends & Brgrs? What did you think? And do you have any other great burger places that I haven’t tried yet? Share in the comments below!

Friends & Brgrs   –   Vimmelskaftet 47   –   friendsandbrgrs.com

I was invited to taste these burgers free of charge. I received no further compensation for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

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5 thoughts on “Burger tasting at Friends & Brgrs”

  • Laura – you seem to always find exceptional words – assumingly describing each single detail “on the dot”. I came from Hamburg Germany to Copenhagen just läßt week for a medical convention – and for some strange coincidental reason I plunged into the same Burger dive: I can only proove the exact same culinary experience – fantastic fresh better than homemade Burgers! Congrats to your fancy tastebuds Laura that pointed out “THE” NEW BURGER PLACE in town. Wish they would think about their “chain” way out south to Hamburg Germany!

  • Have you tried gasoline grill located on landgreven 10. We just happen to stop for gas on our way back from jylland and were starving. Not expecting much from a gas station burger we were blown away. By far
    The best burger in town. None of the pretentious artisan buns or gourmet fussiness. Just good ol’ American handheld burgers with an upscale twist. I suggest the truffle salt on your French fries for example.

    • Hi Nate, great to hear from you again :) Yes, I have actually tried Gasoline Grill and I would agree with you – those burgers are AMAZING. I didn’t have my camera with me but they deserve a repeat visit and a post of their own :)

  • Hi Laura,
    These burgers look amazing! When I’m in Stroget I never know where to eat, I’m always confused by all the possibilities that it offers. I will definetely try “Friends & Brgrs” next time I go there :D
    Have you tried “The D Diner” in Valby? It is a restaurant decorated like american diners in the 50’s. Its decoration really looks amazing! I only went for brunch there once, but I will definetely try its burgers soon :)

    • Hi Selene, I’ve heard about that diner in Valby, but haven’t been there – let me know when you try their burgers, I’d love to hear what you think!

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