Is it just me, or is late fall a super busy time?

I’ve been out and about a lot, and haven’t had much down time to sit for a minute and get some writing/ blog stuff done, so I thought I’d share a little update on what’s been going on.

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I’ve been traveling the past two weekends; first to Groningen, and then home to visit my family. You can read all about Groningen, a lovely little Northern Dutch city, in this post, and I’ll be writing a foodie guide as well, for those of you, who – like me – like to experience new places with their stomachs! (I wanted to write mouths, but that sounded like I’m walking around randomly licking things, and that only happens very rarely!)

Store front in Groningen - The Copenhagen Tales

Last weekend, I went to Germany to visit my family – Ryanair actually opened a route to Cologne/ Bonn, which is the closest airport to my home town, so for about 300 DKK round-trip, I thought I’d bite my tongue and go with the low-cost airline, and it turns out, it wasn’t even so bad. Zero service, but you’re in the air for an hour, so there’s really not much to complain about. And on my trip home, I even set a new personal record: 18 minutes from touch-down (literally the wheels touching the ground) to sitting in a taxi. I was home in under 30 minutes – I don’t think I’ve ever managed that, even in my frequent-flyer days!

The three days at home were great – no plans, just hanging around with the family and eating way too much. I really miss being able to do that – it’s not always easy being an expat! Especially when your family starts making fun of you because apparently you have a weird accent… in your native tongue!

Last week, I was invited to the annual Danish “foodie/ blogger julefrokost” at Restaurant Kronborg with fellow bloggers, Instagrammers, and foodies, co-hosted by Allan from Bungalow 5. I’ve written about the classic Danish Christmas feast at Kronborg last year, and it was just as amazing this time around. I highly recommend you try it!

Today is the first of advent, but we’re delaying the Christmas spirit just a little bit to host our annual American Thanksgiving dinner for a total of twelve friends. It’s our tradition, and I totally love hosting it – I have a six page master plan that includes a to do list, shopping list, all recipes, and an oven occupation plan. We’ll have a massive turkey, all the works, and two amazing pies from The American Pie Company.

Decorations for Thanksgiving - The Copenhagen Tales

Finally, I was interviewed a couple of weeks ago about my experiences with living and working in Denmark as an expat. The interview is now available on Joyful Career, if you want to check it out!

In the next couple of weeks, I have some cool stuff coming up on the blog – a lovely Christmas recipe, the Groningen foodie guide, and even a cool Christmas-themed giveaway, so stay tuned!

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3 thoughts on “Recently”

  • Good Morning Laura,
    Love reading your posts ,always cheer me up and are inspirational. I have a trip to Copenhagen in January for four days with a friend of mine.She has never been and I was last there last working as a student in Odense in the late 80,s.
    Your site has provided me with plenty of ideas !
    Thank you and happy advent.
    Best wishes,

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