Eat, drink, and be social – Lo-Jo’s Social

Eat, drink, and be social – Lo-Jo’s Social

When the Copenhagen winter gets dark, cold, and grey, couldn’t we all use a pop of color and some sunny summer vibes? And if that comes with a side of burgers, count me in!

Copenhagen doesn’t have a shortage of great restaurants and eateries, but this one’s different. Lo-Jo’s Social, on a side street right behind the Round Tower, foregoes the classic Scandinavian minimalism and monochromatic color scheme – you feel like you’ve just walked into a beach bar in Sydney. You’re greeted by bue, yellow, and red chairs, high tables, colorful wall paintings, and funky music.

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Lo-Jo’s Social (co-owned by a Dane and an Australian and named after their mothers) has been around since August – and you’ve probably seen yummy photos on Instagram! -, but they’ve taken a little time to play around with their menu. I was invited to their official launch dinner last week, which I was super thrilled about, since it had been on my list for quite some time!

Aussie vibes at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

Aussie vibes at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

The small food menu focuses on burgers and is updated to reflect seasonal changes. For example, they currently have a confit duck burger! I really appreciate places with small menus, both because it makes deciding easier, and because that usually means that what they do, they do really well.

On the drinks side, Lo-Jo’s Social has a boatload of cocktails on offer – by the glass, for sharing, or in a pitcher. After all, it’s all about being social!

Another one of their drinks specialties is the Apple Press: long drinks based on fresh apple juice. I’ve never had anything similar before, but they were so delicious (and dangerous)! I had one with gin and fresh cucumber, and the boyfriend chose one with vanilla vodka, which tasted like apple pie and came with a freshly toasted mashmallow on top. SO GOOD!

Apple Press cocktails at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

We started out with a serving of mussels. They aren’t currently on the menu, but Lo-Jo’s used to have all-you-can-eat-mussels Tuesdays, and I really hope they aren’t gone for good, because oh my God, they were amazing!

I’m usually not a seafood person (it’s a texture thing, I don’t like eating soft, flabby things), so this is not something I would usually order, but I ate ALL of these babies. The sauce was absolutely brilliant – I almost drank the rest when I ran out of bread for dipping.

Mussels at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

Mussels at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

Of course we had to try the burgers, too.

I went with the confit duck burger, because who doesn’t love confit duck? The taste was absolutely amazing – the warmly spiced duck was complemented by pickled onions and a mustard mayo.

The boyfriend went with the scrumptious pulled pork burger with homemade coleslaw, barbecue sauce, and pickled cucumber. Both burgers were great, but I think this was my favorite of the two, simply because the confit duck burger was quite greasy (which is to be expected).

Confit duck burger at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

Pulled pork burger at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

Of course we also got a serving of fries and onion rings with a spicy chipotle mayo – I was immediately sold because I love all things chipotle. The fries are thick-cut, triple-fried, and wonderfully seasoned with fresh lemon zest.

But OH EM GEE the onion rings! They are hands down the best onion rings I have ever tasted in Copenhagen (and maybe ever!). Melt-in-your-mouth onion, covered in a thick, crispy batter – these are an absolute must-order! Honestly, if someone proposed to me with one of those onion rings, I wouldn’t even think twice about saying yes.

Fries and onion rings at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

Fries and onion rings at Lo-Jo's Social | The Copenhagen Tales

I was totally convinced by Lo-Jo’s Social – I’ll definitely be back for more. The only thing I was a little bit disappointed about was that the buttermilk fried chicken burger that I’d seen on Instagram disappeared from the menu – but I was told that it will probably make a comeback during spring or summer, so keep your eyes open for that.

Have you been to Lo-Jo’s Social? Or are you challenging my best onion rings in Copenhagen statement? Let me know in the comments below!

Lo-Jo’s Social   |   Landemærket 7, 1119 Copenhagen   |

Disclaimer: I was invited to dine at Lo-Jo’s Social. All opinions are my own.

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