Christmas treats

Christmas treats

I come from a family of food lovers – that’s probably how I became a foodie myself. Cooking, baking, and enjoying food makes up a big part of what I connect with “home”. It’s not really about eating a lot, and it’s not necessarily about fancy, expensive restaurants, either. It’s mostly about treating yourself to something delicious, and indulging every now and then. Indulging, to me, can be many things, and not all of it has to be unhealthy. A hearty soup on a cold and rainy fall day to warm you up from the inside. A cold glass of crisp white wine on the balcony on a long summer night in July. A fresh salad loaded with healthy ingredients after a workout session. A moment to myself with an espresso and a chocolate praline when I come home from work. All of these, to me, are indulgent, and things that bring me a lot of joy. And what better time of year to indulge and treat yourself than Christmas?

Christmas and chocolate are two things that can’t really be separated in my mind. Chocolate Christmas calendars, cookies, hot chocolate, you name it – I don’t discriminate! Towards the end of December, I occasionally feel a little bit of chocolate fatigue, but we’re still far away from that!

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And if there’s anyone who knows how to make good chocolates, it’s the Belgians. So when Planète Chocolat, maker of artisanal Belgian chocolates, asked if I’d like to taste their Christmas chocolates, of course I was on board!

Belgian Christmas chocolates from Planète Chocolat | The Copenhagen Tales

Is there anything better than opening a brand new box of delicious chocolates? I’ve thought about this long and hard, but I can’t think of anything (she said, popping another praline in her mouth). Especially when the box comes with a personal little note!

Belgian Christmas chocolates from Planète Chocolat | The Copenhagen Tales

Don’t these look delicious? And they are – they are chock full of Christmas flavors, like cinnamon, orange, or honey and chestnut. My favorites so far – I haven’t eaten them all yet, I do have a tiny bit of self control! – are the caramel-filled white chocolate, almonds and coffee, and the dark chocolate truffle ganache. Sooo scrumptious!

Belgian Christmas chocolates from Planète Chocolat | The Copenhagen Tales

Belgian Christmas chocolates from Planète Chocolat | The Copenhagen Tales

In the mood for some chocolate now? I can’t say I blame you! Good news: Planète Chocolate offers free next-day delivery with DHL to Denmark (and other European countries), if you place your order before 2pm.

Even better news: they’ll give you a 15% discount if you use the code THECOPENHAGENTALES15 at checkout (until 1st January 2017), so if you feel like indulging or treating someone you like to some delicious chocolates, now is the time!

What’s your favorite way to indulge and treat yourself during holiday season? Do you have a guilty pleasure? Let me know in the comments!

This post is brought to you in cooperation with Planète Chocolat. 

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