January Blues

January Blues

And just like that, it’s 2017. Crazy, right?!

I can’t say I’m sad that 2016 is over, but somehow I wasn’t quite ready for January to start again – which included me having to go back to work on January 2nd. Somehow that first January workday seems to come around way too soon – I’m not even halfway ready after the holidays.

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But despite that, and even despite the horribly gloomy weather we’ve been having, January marks the beginning of a new year, a clean slate – the possibilities seem virtually endless. This year we’ll all finally eat healthy, start working out more, and generally become better people… right?!

In the meantime, let’s beat that get-back-to-work blues with some lovely shades of indigo, royal, cobalt, and navy!

January blues | The Copenhagen Tales

1. Ace lounge chair, Norman Copenhagen

This chair has actually won the German design award 2017, and I just love its shade of dark navy and its simplistic design, typical for the Danish brand.

2. Blue patterned pillow, H&M Home

More pillows! I know I’ll be spending considerable time in January snuggled up on my couch, so time to switch out the Christmas pillows with some new shams.

3. Hurricane glass in blue, By Nord

I’ve been a fan of the Hurricane glasses for quite some time, and this lovely royal blue color is my absolute favorite. They also make a great wind light!

4. Bretagne tasting plate, Pillivuyt

I adore this shade of blue – imagine how nice it would contrast with, say, a lobster bisque (yeah, I totally make lobster bisque all the time, don’t you?), or maybe a nice breakfast oatmeal with fresh citrus fruit?

5. Art Deco Midnight personal planner 2017, Juniqe

I keep most of my appointments in my work Outlook calendar, but I still love a good piece of stationery! How pretty is this midnight blue and gold design by Elisabeth Fredriksson? It’s also available as posters or phone/ tablet cases.


What’s your best trick to beat the winter blues? Share in the comments below!

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