Travel plans for 2017

Travel plans for 2017

To travel is to live.Hans Christian Andersen

I love travelling, exploring new places, trying new things, tasting new food. And although the year is still young, I’ve already made some travel plans, at least for the first half of 2017, and I’m hoping to add more as we go along!


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In mid-February, we’ll be going to Iceland for the first time ever – a friend of mine found amazingly cheap tickets, so we spontaneously decided to hop over for a weekend, from Saturday to Monday morning. We don’t really have any great plans yet, except for trying to see the Northern Lights, and hanging out in the hot springs at the Blue Lagoon. I know, it’s a bit cliche, but hey, it’s my first visit and I only have two days! If you have any other suggestions, or restaurant recommendations in Reykjavik, let me know!


Northern Germany

My parents have just bought a summer house in northern Germany, northwest of Bremen. It’s an older house which they’ve chosen to renovate, and I’ll be heading there in early March for a long weekend with the family to help with some of the work and to explore the area. Who knows, maybe we’ll even find time for day trip to Groningen – it’s only a 90min drive from there!



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Just after Easter, it’s time for another long family weekend, this time with my extended family, so about 15 people. We’re renting a beautiful AirBnB in Belgium that consists of a couple of bungalows in the middle of the woods. Picture this in the spring – it’ll be warm enough for walks and sitting in the sun during the days, and maybe enjoying a glass of wine on the terrace, bundled up in sweaters and warm blankets in the evenings. Can’t wait!



I love the quaint little seaside town of Rørvig, and I’m sure we’ll go up there for a couple of days again this summer, at the very least. There’ll probably also be an Easter visit, with games of “egg rolling” and hunting for chocolate Easter eggs in the garden. I’m already looking forward to strolls along the harbor and yummy fiskefilet for dinner at the marina!



I got a pretty awesome Christmas present this year: American football tickets! As you may know, every year, a couple of NFL games are played in London, and this year, my team – the New Orleans Saints – are playing a game at Wembley Stadium in early October. And I’ll be there, in my jersey, cheering them on!


Southern US road trip

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This has been on our list for literally six years now – basically since we got back from New Orleans – but somehow it never panned out. But this year has to be the year, because I have a boatload of SAS miles that expire this in August! It’d be stupid not to use them for a trip across the pond! The plan is to fly to Washington, D.C., and drive to New Orleans from there, with stops in Charlotte, Charleston, Savannah, Atlanta, and hopefully lots of other charming Southern towns. We’ll finish with a couple of days in the Crescent City, before flying back home… or, at least, that’s the hope! Nothing’s planned or booked yet, sadly.


What are your travel plans this year? And do you have any secret tips and recommendations for me? Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “Travel plans for 2017”

  • Cool you’re going to the south (my region). I’ll be going home to Dallas and possibly a two days in San Diego. I highly suggest Texas. I’m from Dallas but Austin and San Antonio is better. Amazing Mexican food and BBQ! Plus warm whether and friendly people.

    • I’ve never been to Texas but it’s definitely on my list! Probably a bit too far for this road trip, though, but I do want to eat ALL the Texas barbecue!

  • Sounds like some pretty nice plans! We’re also currently planning a trip to Iceland, which I’m super excited about! Pretty jealous that you’re heading to the south in the US. I studied in Arkansas 4 years ago, and I really miss it. New Orleans and Charleston are such beautiful cities!
    Our travel plans for 2017 currently consists of Prague, Budapest, Iceland, Paris, a few trips back to Denmark (I live in Amsterdam), and some more discovering of my new country Netherlands and also Belgium.
    Camilla |

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