Ready for spring

Ready for spring

Spring has officially sprung in Copenhagen, for real this time!

It poked its nose out at the beginning of last week, but it seemed like winter wasn’t ready to give up without a fight quite yet, so we actually had some light snow one night. But towards the end of the week, and especially on the weekend, the weather could not have been more spring-like!

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I got the bike out of the garage – Liselotte usually goes on hibernation, because she (like me) does not appreciate the cold – and went for a couple of little rides. I’m going to find her a nice basket some time this week, too!

The temperatures are picking up as well, so I’m about ready to bust out my new spring wardrobe!

  1. I think the number of blue shirts I own is becoming a bit ridiculous at this point, but come on, this one has polka dots! You can never have enough of those, right? H&M
  2. Summer barbecues, birthday parties, weddings – I definitely won’t run out of occasions for this dress! The color is a bit more intense in reality, without being to “screamy”. I’m just hoping I won’t attract too many bees! Ralph Lauren via Zalando
  3. Pleated skirts – yes please! Very much digging the flower pattern on this one. There’s no limit on flower prints, is there? Saint Tropez via Magasin
  4. I love wearing dresses and skirts, but let’s face it, it gets really windy in Copenhagen! Especially when biking around, you’ll often find yourself holding down your skirt – or not! The true locals don’t give a damn, but I think I’ll add a couple more pants to my rotation, just to be sure! Tommy Hilfiger
  5. Even more yellow ahead with these cute scalloped shorts! They are very Easter-y to me, so I’m hoping for some really good weather! mint&berry via Zalando (actually on sale right now)

I’m also very much obsessed with this oversize denim jacket from Zara, embroidered with a massive tropical fruit basket, including a giant pineapple! I haven’t bought it yet – should I?!

Are you having spring fever yet? And how is your spring wardrobe coming along?

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2 thoughts on “Ready for spring”

  • Hi – Do you have any recommendation for shoe boutiques in Copenhagen? I’ll be there soon and always love to buy a pair or two of shoes wherever I am travelling. Not a major chain shop and not crazy expensive, under about 1,115DKK is about my max budget for a really nice pair. Thank you.

    • Hi Christine, check out Superlove, they have two stores in the city center and have a great selection of clothes, shoes, accessories, and more. They have some popular brands, but also some more niche stuff, so maybe you’ll find something there! :)

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