Weekend snaps

Weekend snaps

Spring is here, and it looks like it’s finally here to stay!

This past weekend has been absolutely beautiful. As long and dreary as Copenhagen winters can be, especially those first months of the year, that just makes the payoff when spring finally gets here that much better.

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Copenhagen springs are amazing. Those first days of sunshine, when the whole city seems to be out and about, everyone trying to catch some sun, taking walks around the lakes, or sitting in the parks. Copenhagen is buzzing with energy, flowers begin to bloom everywhere, and the trees are blossoming.

Weekend snaps | The Copenhagen Tales

For me, this weekend was all about making the most of this beautiful weather!

Friday was the warmest March day in something like 30 years or so, so after work, I grabbed an amazing peanut butter and chocolate almond milk shake from 42raw and sat in the sun by the water in Hellerup – I actually managed to burn my face a little bit. Yup, I’m the person who gets a sunburn in March. IN DENMARK.

Weekend snaps | The Copenhagen Tales

I met with a friend on Saturday to go to the opening of a new yoga store in Østerbro, GoYogi.dk, and not only did I get a pair of amazing new LuluLemon yoga pants at a discount, I was also among the lucky ones to get a goodie bag full of awesome stuff, like a hot yoga towel, gift cards for free yoga classes, a t-shirt, key chain, and more. It’s a great store right by the lakes, if you’re looking for yoga wear and gear.

Weekend snaps | The Copenhagen Tales

Since the weather was nice, I took the opportunity to take the bike, and after some coffee in the sun, rode along the lakes all the way to Vesterbro for lunch at WestMarket – a post about that is coming up very soon!

Weekend snaps | The Copenhagen Tales

Weekend snaps | The Copenhagen Tales

Sunday was all about waking up early and getting things done – I’m an early sleeper and an early riser, and I love productive weekend mornings!

There was still time for a coffee at Ricco’s and some long overdue photo editing for the blog. I also fell in love with this pillow at the coffee shop – can you name the character and movie? It was my favorite movie as a kid, and it has THE BEST music!

Weekend snaps | The Copenhagen Tales

I hope you’ve all had a lovely weekend! What were you up to? Let me know in the comments!

PS: It’s my mom’s birthday today so HAPPY BIRTHDAY to her!

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4 thoughts on “Weekend snaps”

  • Sounds like a fantastic weekend! I saw the opening of GoYogi next door and your goodie bag makes me totally regret, that I didn’t went there! I could have used new yogapants as well, haha.
    I also had a fantastic spring weekend, starting off with take-away caramelly grød and osteboller, cafe-latte brunch from nordre frihavnsgade. I then just biked down to dampfærgevej and enjoyed it with some grumpy swans at the canal, while watching the big DSDS ferry packing up. I also found a very tempting looking restaurant Invo there, which definitely craves for a visit on a sunny day. The loungechairs looked soo inviting…
    I then went to one of the best wine tastings ever with cibievini in an old atelier in christianshavn, coming home with some fresh bottles of greek wines (and a new heavy flowerpot from magasin).
    Yesterday I checked out a plantcenter in Amager (spring hormones), plantorama, and I happily stocked up with even more flowers now (while drinking gratis coffee and enjoying a plantcenter-cat visit :))). Spring ist just so tempting! We went for a walk in Kongelunden afterwards to watch the geese and other birds and I spent the rest of the day potting in my mountains of fresh herbs, stedmoderblomster and last weeks tinygarden successes. Do you know tinygardens? They are so fantastic (and delicious)! :)
    Now my comment got all long, but I hope I could give you some inspiration for your next sunny weekend :))

    • Hi Annika – wow, that sounds like a lovely spring weekend! You should definitely check out GoYogi some time, it’s a really nice store. I hadn’t heard about the garden center on Amager, but I’m looking for some nice plants for the balcony this spring, so I might give that a try. And thanks for the tinygardens tip – I just checked them out and they look awesome! Thanks so much for your lovely comment :)

  • The Aristocats! Love your blog, we are heading to Copenhagen next month and your posts have been super helpful, especially for checking out restaurants.

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