On my mind

On my mind

The Easter weekend is over, and it was a much-needed breather for me. Thursday was a day completely without plans, and I loved every minute! Sometimes it’s so nice to have nothing to do at all and spend the entire day on the couch, watching the extended versions of all three Lord of the Rings movies…

Friday and Sunday were spent at the summer house with family, with a massive Easter lunch feast, chocolate egg hunt, and a game of competitive egg rolling on Sunday. I made my karrysild recipe, as well as some German deviled eggs to bring for lunch. I just loooove curried herring!

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On Saturday, I had my aerial yoga class, and yesterday I met up with a friend for coffee, so all in all a mostly quiet and relaxing weekend. How was your Easter?


To catch up, I thought I’d share some of what’s on my mind currently in today’s post.

This upcoming Thursday, we’re heading to Belgium for an extended weekend with my family (read all about this year’s travel plans in this post). The property we’re renting is absolutely beautiful, and I have plans to do a digital detox during the four days we’ll be spending there. That means no social media, no emails, no funny animal videos, no news online. I’ll let you know how that goes!

I also have a little success story to share: after months (literally!) of being addicted to nose spray, I am finally “clean”! I was really keen to get off the nose spray, since it’s really unhealthy, and I finally heeded the advice I got and tried a so-called neti pot, which is used to rinse the nose with salt water. I’m using it twice a day now, and it actually works – I haven’t needed nose spray in 3 weeks! I use the one called NoseBuddy, which I bought at a yoga shop in Østerbro.

The weekend before last, we headed to Kødbyens Mad & Market, the street food market in the Meatpacking District, for the first time this year. The weather was perfect, there was live music, we drank cocktails out of buckets, and the cherry trees on Sønder Boulevard were in full bloom – the perfect Sunday! Look for a post about that soon.


This just in: I just ordered the third edition of German travel magazine The Fernweh Collective. I have the first two, and I love them – it’s basically 80 pages of wanderlust! I also ordered this lovely shirt from Danish brand moshimoshimind (and on sale, too!).

I’m thinking about starting a bullet journal – it seems like a great way of keeping track of all the stuff that’s going on in my life in one place. I like that it’s flexible and you can use it to fit your personality. I love structure, so I’m probably going to organize it similar to a monthly or weekly planner, but will leave room for creativity and random thoughts. If anyone has some tips for bullet journaling, let me know in the comments!

Wanderlust of the month: Tulum, Mexico. It’s all over my Pinterest right now, and it looks so beautiful! Has anyone been there? I want to chill on the beach with a good book, stroll through the little town, and eat all the fresh, delicious food! These two guides had me damn near booking a flight!

via cntraveller.com

I want to get a new shelf for the kitchen to free up some counter space, and I think the Swedish “String” shelves are really pretty. What do you reckon?

I actually did this DIY copper planter project a little while back – I used chalkboard paint to make a label directly on the pot, and they turned out quite cute!

What’s on your mind? Share in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “On my mind”

  • Hej :-)
    We religiously drink a brew of fresh grated ginger, honey and lemon juice to aid in sinus headaches. It totally cured my husbands’ s sinus problems because it is anti-inflammatory!

    • Hej Valerie – thanks for the tip! I actually drank ginger shots during the winter, but that combination with lemon and honey sounds delicious!

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