My favorite podcasts

My favorite podcasts

Do you listen to podcasts?

I wasn’t an early mover on podcasts, but over the past half year or so, I’ve really gotten into them more. I love listening on my commute, while cooking or cleaning, or simply hanging out on the couch. I also sometimes put a podcast on at work, when the task at hand doesn’t require too much intense thought.

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I listen to a relatively broad selection of podcasts – I’m a series junkie, so there are some recap podcasts in the mix for my favorite shows. I’m also really interested in politics, American and German mostly, but I haven’t really gotten into Danish podcasts yet. If anyone has any recommendations, let me know! Finally, I do enjoy the true crime segment – much like watching scary crime shows on TV, I can just relax and listen to some true crime stories without needing to concentrate too much.

My favorite podcasts - The Copenhagen Tales (image via Pexels)

Here’s a current list of my favorite podcasts.


  • Pod Save America – Three former aides to President Obama (two speechwriters and a spokesperson) started out talking about the 2016 election on their format “Keepin’ it 1600”, but after the Trump victory decided to get into the game some more and start their own “media empire” to have a conversation about politics the way normal people talk. Their flagship podcast is Pod Save America, but I also love Pod Save the World and Lovett or Leave it. These guys are hilarious!
  • Stimmenfang – It’s election year in Germany, and as a citizen, I’ll be casting my vote in September. This podcast by the large news site Spiegel Online looks at different voter groups and other aspects of German politics and elections.


TV shows

  • The Talking Dead – Two Canadian guys recapping each new episode of the zombie apocalypse show “The Walking Dead”. I find them very insightful and funny, plus they have really awesome segments, for example letting readers record their favorite scenes in a contest. Not to confuse with the AMC talk show by the same name – these guys were actually there first!
  • Meta Station – Another one of my favorite TV shows is The 100, and this is probably the best and most insightful podcast about it out there. It’s really, really good! Their shows often exceed two hours (more than double the playing time of each episode), because they are just so thorough in their analysis.


True Crime

  • True Crime Garage – When it comes to True Crime, you should definitely join Nic and the Captain in their garage, where they drink beer and talk about true crime cases. Over the years, they have covered famous serial killers as well as smaller, local cases of murders or disappearances. They’re always respectful to the victims, but never hold back on the perpetrators, expressing their anger and disgust at their crimes without a filter. They talk like real people, which I find incredibly refreshing.



  • Hashtag Authentic – Sara Tasker is a successful blogger, Instagram personality, and influencer who’s turned her passion into a business and doles out from her well of knowledge on all things blogging and social media. I always find something directly actionable in every episode, and she often interviews other online creatives about their stories and tips. Definitely check it out if you’re a fellow blogger/ Instagrammer!
  • Yogaland – Conversations about yoga and everything that surrounds it – from very specific questions about e.g. alignment or teaching cues to interviews with yoga teachers and practitioners, it’s always interesting and always thoughtful.
  • Denmark 101 – Fellow expat blogger Alex from Virtual Wayfarer has turned his “Denmark 101” YouTube videos into a podcast, in which he explains and muses about Danish traditions and quirks, the Danish language, and the Danes. Highly recommended for fellow expats in Denmark!


What are your favorite podcasts? Let me know in the comments below – I still have some room for more!

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