Moves like Jagger

Moves like Jagger

If you’ve been following this blog and/ or my Instagram, I probably don’t need to tell you that I love a good burger.

I mean, who doesn’t?

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And I’ve been known to share my favorite burger spots in Copenhagen – in fact, I have so much burger content that I wrote 7 entire posts about it. You can find them all here:

And these are just the posts that focus (almost) exclusively on burgers! There are countless sneaky burger cameos in other posts as well. But apparently, that’s not enough burger content quite yet, because today, I’m adding another favorite to the list: Jagger!


Jagger opened last year on Istedgade with a concept of higher-end fast food. You order at the counter and take your food to one of the long tables on a tray, with the burgers and fries served in paper boxes. But everything is just nicer than your regular fast food joint with the golden M above the door.

And the quality of the food is obviously a completely different ballgame! Their burgers aren’t huge, but loaded with deliciousness. Squishy, soft brioche buns, a thick beef patty, a slice of cheese, some pickles – everything you need in a couple of glorious bites!

Burgers at Jagger in Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales Burgers at Jagger in Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

Their fries are nothing to write home about, but I personally don’t really care, because I’m focused on the other stuff anyways – like the chili dog!

Like the burger, it’s not huge, but chock-full of flavor. Jagger is going all out on the brioche, and the coarse, flavorful sausage is served in a thick slice of it, too, fried crispy in butter (and thereby adding a not insignificant grease factor). Mustard, ketchup, and roasted onions round off this delicious bite.

Chili dog at Jagger in Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales Chili dog at Jagger in Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

As nice as the classic burger and chili dog are, the real show stopper is the fried chicken. The crust is thick and crispy, and the white mean inside is perfectly tender and juicy. Serve with one of their homemade sauces or enjoy pure, it’ll blow your mind either way. Oh, and it’s also really good inside the fried chicken burger, with a bit of lettuce, some pickles, and a generous dollop of mayo.

Fried chicken at Jagger in Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

Fried chicken burger at Jagger in Copenhagen | The Copenhagen Tales

All this food will probably make you thirsty, so why not wash it down with one of their frozen margaritas? Try to keep up, McDonald’s!

Jagger is opening new locations around town, too, so you’ll find them on Istedgade, in Frederiksberg near Falkoner, and in Amagerbro.

Have you tried Jagger? Share your verdict in the comments!

Jagger   |   Istedgade 62/ Falkoner Allé 82/ Amagerbrogade 128   |

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