Hello, July

Hello, July

July is here!

And if my almost five years in Copenhagen have taught me anything, it’s that July is when summer really happens here.

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School holidays started last week, and by the time July rolls around, the office will be well and truly deserted, and the morning commute will be much more relaxed!

As we’re heading on our big US trip in October, we don’t have any vacation planned in the summer – apart from some smaller weekend trips. So I’ll be holding down the fort at the office, and enjoy a few relaxed weeks of summer in this amazing city.


Some of my July plans include:

… going to pluck some raspberries at Rokkedyssegård and add them to my Rumtopf

… enjoying numerous glasses of chilled rosé on the balcony – I’ve given it a green makeover this year that I’ll share with you in a while

… going to flea markets and hunting for treasure, since I’ve challenged myself to not buy any new clothes, only second-hand, this month

… enjoying a decadent 4th of July dinner at one of my favorites, Alabama Social, next Tuesday

… going on a weekend trip to Aarhus – I’ve never been, but heard really good things, so I’m excited to finally see for myself! I’ll be checking out the food market, the deer park, and the infinity bridge. Let me know your best tips in the comments!

… attending a few concerts at Fredagsrock in Tivoli – for example, Erykah Badu is playing on July 14

… going to this food market in Rørvig – potentially combined with a brief stay at the summer house – summer in Rørvig is just the best!

… catch up with my reading list – at any given time, I have between three and five books “open”, and I plan on finishing some of them over the summer. Again, if you have any great novels or biographies you can recommend, I’m always happy to stack a few more on top of the list!


If you need more inspiration for all the fun markets, music festivals, concerts, and other exciting things happening in Copenhagen in July, check out this excellent overview from Scandinavia Standard.

What are your plans for July – going on exciting vacations or staying put in Copenhagen?


Image via pexels.com

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10 thoughts on “Hello, July”

  • We are taking a week off in July and will most likely visit Frederikshavn. We’ve been before and I highly recommend it. On a side note.. erykah badu is from my home town of Dallas Texas so I think it’s awesome you’re going!

    • Oh, I didn’t know that! My dad used to listen to her music in the car when I was a teenager, but I didn’t “get” it back then (plus I was a metal head, sooo…) – but I’m really excited for her concert now! I’ve never been to Frederikshavn, but I’ve been meaning to explore more of Denmark. So many charming places!

  • Jeg vil anbefale dig en serie på 4 bøger af Elena Ferrante.
    Italien Napoli. Udvikling fra 1960 til nu. Feminisme, psykologi, mafia, sociale relationer , litteratur og meget andet fortalt igennem den ene af to hovedpersoner.
    Jeg hører den som lydbog.
    I starten var jeg irriteret på hovedpersonerne men nu har jeg opdaget at det er fordi jeg lever mig fuldstændigt ind i historien og kan ikke slippe den.
    Og så melder jeg klar til min fødselsdags picnic så snart vejrmeldingen er god. Altså en aften i denne eller næste uge. Hvordan passer det?

  • Sounds like you have a lovely Summer planned! May I ask which flea markets you like? It’s always hard to know which ones are likely to be worth a visit if you haven’t been to them before. Thank you!

  • I recommend The Parable of the Talents by Octavia Butler and anything by Zadie Smith. I haven’t finished Parable of the Talents yet, but I’m hoping to finish it soon.

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