The week in pictures – 1

The week in pictures – 1

July in Copenhagen is somehow the quietest and busiest month at the same time.

It’s quiet in the office, because everyone is on vacation. It’s also somewhat quiet in the city, because quite a few of the many small, owner-run stores and cafes take a summer holiday as well.

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At the same time, the city is bustling with flea markets, concerts, street food markets, and other events, so it’s hard not to make plans almost every day.

Here’s a glimpse into my past week.


Colorful floor tiles at Llama - The Copenhagen Tales

Dinner at Llama

Last weekend, we said farewell to two good friends, who have since moved to London, with a dinner at Llama. Highly recommended, not only for their delicious food, but their awesome cocktails as well. I’m partial to the Smoky Margarita and Pisco Sour!


New polkadotted scarf - The Copenhagen Tales


Early in the week, the weather wasn’t quite 100% summery yet, so I got a chance to wear my cute new scarf, a birthday present from my sisters. Navy blue + polka dots = happy me.


Delicious emmerys bread via Too Good To Go app - The Copenhagen Tales

Bread for days

I made use of the Too Good To Go app and picked up a bag of bread at Emmery’s – all this for 39 DKK! Not pictured: the chocolate danish that did not survive the bus journey home (nom nom!). I sliced the breads and then froze everything, and had two toasted slices for breakfast this morning. If you don’t know the app: you can buy leftovers from bakeries, restaurants, cafes, etc. after closing time – this is perfectly good food that might otherwise end up in the bin, so you’re saving money and reducing food waste at the same time. Win-win!


Pie picnic at Kongens Have - The Copenhagen Tales Pie picnic at Kongens Have - The Copenhagen Tales Pie picnic at Kongens Have - The Copenhagen Tales

Pie picnic

Thursday afternoon was spent lounging on a cushy blanket in Kongens Have and enjoying a decadent pie picnic from The American Pie Co. Savory hand pies followed by a slice of zingy Key Lime Pie, washed down with some beer and æblemost while soaking up some rays – if there’s a better way to spend a Thursday afternoon, I haven’t found it yet.


New second-hand Birkenstocks - The Copenhagen Tales

These Birks were made for walking

Yup, I’ve finally hopped aboard the Birkenstock train and gotten myself a pair! They are so comfy, and I’m finding them quite stylish, too (the boyfriend, not so much – his comment was “hm, but they’re indoor shoes, right?” – wrong, sorry!). I found these on Tradono, an app for second hand clothes and shoes, and paid 300 DKK for them, but they’re brand new. Score!


Later today, I’m having breakfast with and heading to a couple of flea markets in Kødbyen with a friend. What are your Sunday plans?


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