The week in pictures – 2

The week in pictures – 2

Another week has passed this beautiful July.

Summer is in full swing, and for the most part, the weather was really nice, so spending my afternoons and evenings outside was a given. A lovely summer week in Copenhagen culminated in a little trip to the beach house on the weekend.

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Here are some snaps from last week!


Flea market find - The Copenhagen Tales

Treasure hunts

As I wrote in my July post, I’ve set myself the challenge to not buy any new clothes this month, only second hand. So last Sunday, I met a friend for brunch at one of my favorites, Café Dyrehaven, and we strolled across the flea market on Halmtorvet. I found two great bargains – a super soft, grey, oversize sweatshirt, and this lovely flower print jacket. Perfect for long summer nights, when it has cooled down a bit!


Vegan dinner for a week - The Copenhagen Tales

Vegan week

I’ve been trying to cut down on my meat consumption recently, starting with choosing vegetarian options for lunch at work, where I’m lucky to have an abundance of delicious food to choose from. And to broaden our horizon, the boyfriend and I decided to deviate from our usual meal box from Aarstiderne and instead opt for their vegan option. Four vegan weeknight dinners later, we’re in agreement that it was a success, but that we’re probably not going to go full vegan anytime soon. You can read the full review and see all the meals here.


Peanut butter espresso shake from 42raw - The Copenhagen Tales

Bright and early

I not only get a crazy good lunch buffet, but also breakfast at work, which makes me extremely lucky. But last Wednesday, a snap from a good friend inspired me to get this amazing shake from 42raw with bananas, peanut butter, almond milk, and a shot of espresso for breakfast instead. So, so good!


Enjoying the beach in Rørvig - The Copenhagen Tales

Beach bum

We spent the weekend at the summer house in Rørvig, enjoying the amazing weather on Saturday with a trip to the beach and street food at the harbor later. Rebel Food, the umbrella organization for some street food vendors and food trucks, had organized a little holiday stint to Rørvig, one of the most popular beach house towns on Sjælland, and it was a raging success – more on that later!


Burger at Nemoland in Christiania - The Copenhagen Tales

Burger bash

As I wrote further up, I’m not going vegan anytime soon, and even though I’m eating much less meat these days, there are just some things I’ll have a really hard time saying goodbye to. Burgers are one of them – this one is from Nemoland in Freetown Christiania, and even though you might not have thought this to be one of the top burger places in town, this burger is actually really good! Plus, the beer garden is a great place to enjoy a sunny summer evening with a cold beer.


I don’t have any plans for next week yet, but I’m sure the calendar will fill up quickly. I still need to pick up some raspberries and blackberries from Rokkedyssegård, for my Rumtopf, which I’ll try to do at Torvehallerne during next week.

What have you guys been up to this past week, and what are your plans for the rest of July?

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