Weekend inspiration

Weekend inspiration

It’s Saturday, yay!

This weekend marks the end of July, and for me that means next week work will be back to business as usual, as virtually everyone is coming back from vacation.

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When you’re reading this, I’m most likely already on my way to Aarhus for the weekend, for the very first time ever! Can you believe I’ve lived in Denmark for almost five years now and have never been to Aarhus? I know, it’s crazy. We only have today and tomorrow, but I’ve made a huge list of things to do and see – you won’t be surprised to hear that quite a few of them are food-related! If you have any great tips, pop them in a comment here, or let me know on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, be sure to head over there and following along with my adventures in Aarhus over the next two days! I’ll even make a special hashtag: #thecopenhagentalesinaarhus.

Here’s some stuff I’ve enjoyed and been inspired by this week.


Weekend inspiration

I’m swooning over this gorgeous, stylish backyard dinner in white and peach tones.

Provence is one of my favorite places on earth, and this beautifully styled hotel would be a great place to stay for my next trip.

Summer time is barbecue time in my house! This cute kitchen towel has all the recipes you’ll need at one glance.

My local Irma has just added an entire shelf full of veggie and vegan products – can’t wait to try them out! Not sure there’ll be a full vegan week again, but let’s see.

Next week, I’m planning to attempt making my own pickles using this recipe.

I just finished reading The Sinner, the novel that a new TV series starring Jessica Biel is based on. It’s quite creepy and psycho, but really fascinating, so I have high hopes for the show to be just as good!

This new ice cream store looks amazing – from breakfast ice cream to Danish “koldskål” soft serve and even ice cream cakes, the two ladies from Something Frozen seem to have every frozen delight possible in store. It’s so high on my list to try out, but somehow the Danish “summer” always manages to come between me and my plans…

Speaking of places to try, Mikkeller’s new taco shop, La Neta, got raving reviews from my Mexican friend, who said it was like “eating tacos back home”, so obviously that will have to happen very soon!

Although our trip to the US in October is basically completely planned, I’m still over on Pinterest, pinning like a crazy person all the great places to see, shop, eat, and drink. And I found this bar at the Monteleone Hotel in New Orleans that looks like and old-timey carnival carousel! Now you can blame your dizziness on something other than the drinks…

Before summer ends, we’ll be buying a pizza stone for the grill, and one of the first things I’m going to try will be this blackberry mozzarella pizza with basil *heart eyes*

And finally, I’m over on Hostelworld’s blog this week, sharing some great bars and pubs in Copenhagen that won’t break the bank.


What are you all up to this weekend?

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