My 5 favorite pizza spots in Copenhagen

My 5 favorite pizza spots in Copenhagen

When the moon hits your eye, like a big pizza pie,

that’s amore!

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I’m telling you, that Dean Martin guy knew something about love. And pizza!

Although they may just be the same thing.

Pizza is high on my list of favorite foods ever in the history of everything. It would definitely be a contender for “if you could only eat one food for the rest of your life” (although that question is a good way to get me real upset, real quick, because who would ever want or be able to make such a choice?!). In any case, I consider pizza to be a vital part of my food pyramid, and consequently, have had quite a few slices in Copenhagen, which I thought would warrant a post to spread the pizza love.

So without further ado, here are my top 5 pizza spots, in no particular order – aaaaand now I’m hungry. And you will be, too. Sorry not sorry!



My favorite pizza spots in Copenhagen - mother

One of my very first local favorites in Copenhagen, mother holds a bit of a special place in my heart, and I’ve been back many times for their down-to-earth, delicious sourdough pizzas alongside a glass of rosé. All of their pizza dough is made from a single base, “mother” culture, which gave the restaurant its name, and contains seawater, too. Mother’s pizzas are best enjoyed on one of the wooden benches outside, while soaking in the sun and people-watching in Kødbyen. Pro tip: mother makes one of my favorite brunches in Copenhagen, which – surprise! – also includes their pizzas. Yum!

🍕 Margherita index: DKK 85



My favorite pizza spots in Copenhagen - BÆST

Located in the heart of Nørrebro, BÆST serves up hot and delicious pizzas straight from the wood fire oven. They have a thin, soft crust and are loaded with delicious toppings that range from the classics to more unusual combinations (like anchovies, salsa verde, and onions, or pork sausage and ricotta). Slices of their famous pizza are also a part of their tasting menu. Their charcuterie is excellent as a starter, and the homemade mozzarella and burrata cheeses will make you hear the angels sing.

🍕 Margherita index: DKK 100



This pizza slinger is unlike many others in Copenhagen, yet suits its surroundings in Vesterbro, close to the Meatpacking District and the Central Station, very well. Their pizzas have a super crispy (and apparently low-carb) crust, loaded with heaps of seasonal toppings in all sorts of combinations. If you’re after a low-key pizza salame, you won’t find that here – Neighbourhood‘s salami pizza has roasted beetroot, spinach, and specialty cheese to boot. Their pizza menu, which intrigues with flavor combinations like kimchi pork or potato and brie cheese, has plenty of interesting veggie (and even vegan) options as well. A really different pizza experience, best enjoyed with one of their amazing cocktails!

🍕 Margherita index: DKK 145 (they don’t have a classic margherita, but all pizzas are the same price)


Gran Torino

My favorite pizza spots in Copenhagen - Gran Torino

When it says Madklubben on the outside, you already know that whatever’s inside can’t be half bad! Out of all the Madklubben restaurants, the ones lining the lakes on Sortedam Dossering are my favorites: there’s Southern comfort food at Alabama Social, delicious drinks at Bar Next Door, and of course, pizzas and rosé galore at Gran Torino. Their pizzas, like most on this list, are Neapolitan, with a soft, thin crust, and a variety of toppings. I like going for a margherita and then adding other toppings for DKK 10 each, such as their delicious pesto, goat cheese, or buffalo mozzarella. Their Italian house rosé is rich and can hold its own with the succulent pizzas – just go all in and get the 1L carafe, it’ll go down smoothly!

🍕 Margherita index: DKK 85



My favorite pizza spots in Copenhagen - Rossopomodoro

This gem is a recent find and makes the list because of its famous Aperol Spritz, its unbeatable location at the top of Illum department store, and not least because of its delicious pizzas! Rossopomodoro‘s Napoli-style pies are a bit on the expensive side, but their taste (and the location!) more than make up for that. They have a traditional thin base and generous, soft crust, and are topped with scrumptious tomato sauce and various toppings. My favorite is the one with yellow tomato sauce and spicy ‘nduja sausage.

🍕 Margherita index: DKK 120


Where do you get your pizza fix in Copenhagen? Share your favorites in the comments!

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