The week in pictures – 3

The week in pictures – 3

Wow, is it really the second half of August already?

I know I’m repeating myself, but time really does seem to fly recently. We’re almost in September, which means two weddings down in Germany and a week off in between, which will be lovely. Then it’s back to work until the end of the month, when we’re finally off to our big US adventure (37 days, not that anyone is counting)!

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I’ve had plenty of things to do and have actually not been home the past two weekends, so while I sort through and edit all the pictures from my travels and try to get some peace and quiet back, here’s a little recap of what’s been happening in the past two weeks or so.


Tacos from Hija de Sanchez at Torvehallerne - The Copenhagen Tales

Taco Tuesday

When you have a doctor’s appointment in the middle of the day close to Torvehallerne, it’s just the reasonable thing to do to head to Hija de Sanchez for a quick lunch break. I just love their tacos – this day’s combo was barbacoa and carnitas tacos and an egg tostada, which I generously smothered in their slightly-hotter-than-expected green chili sauce. Did you know that they have a little store at Torvehallerne as well, where you can buy their tortillas, among other things? I’ll be bringing a stack of them down to Germany in early September when my sisters and I will celebrate our birthdays with our families.


Painting ceramics - The Copenhagen Tales

Creative Ceramics

The weekend before last, I headed to Germany to visit my family and participate in some preparations for my little sister’s upcoming wedding – like tasting cakes and watching my sister try on dresses and her flower crown. I know – it’s a tough job, but someone’s got to do it! During my visit, we went to paint our own ceramics (like you can do in Copenhagen at Creative Space) – which was a birthday gift from my sisters. We got creative – I chose a big pitcher, inspired by this model from my favorite interior brand, Lexington, but I love mine even better with the little anchors. Can’t wait to see the result!


Raspberries and blackberries from Rokkedyssegård - The Copenhagen Tales

Berry Bonanza

I’m making a German “Rumtopf” again this year (see this post for what that is, and look here for the yummy result) and I’ve already added Danish strawberries earlier this summer. This week, I’m adding these beautiful, huuuuge raspberries and blackberries from Rokkedyssegård, which are basically the best berries you can get in and around Copenhagen. I wanted to go pluck them myself, originally, but when I realized I probably wouldn’t find the time, I headed to their stand at Torvehallerne instead. They also make amazing jams, ice creams, vinegar, and other delicacies from their berries.


Copenhagen facades - The Copenhagen Tales

Fancy Facades

Strolling through the streets of Copenhagen is one of my favorite things to do. A typical image looks like this: a colorful facade with a number of bikes leaning against or parked in front of it. I snapped this picture in a side street to Ravnsborggade, which is also one of my all-time favorite streets in the city. Copenhagen is just so instagrammable!


Snacks at Michelin-star restaurant Costes Downtown in Budapest - The Copenhagen Tales

Dinner Delights

This past weekend I went on a three-day city trip to Budapest with a good friend. We kicked the weekend off in style with a dinner at Michelin-starred restaurant Costes Downtown, which was a lovely experience. There’s a whole post on that coming up later this week, but here’s a sneak peek at the snacks we nibbled on with our cocktails: tapioca chips with carrot and ginger mousse, and (in the background) parmesan chips with a smoky tartar. Yum!


What have you been up to recently?

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