Coffee date

Coffee date

Hey there – yes, I’m still here!

Sorry for the unplanned lengthy absence, looks like I just took a little blog vacation without telling anyone. How rude of me! A lot has happened in the last 10 days, and the next 10 are going to be just as busy, so I thought we could have a little coffee date and catch up.

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I’ll start.

You see, the reason for my little radio silence here and on most other social media was a 10-day trip to Germany for two weddings and a birthday bash.


Two weddings and a birthday

As you already know, I turned 30 this year. I also happen to have two younger sisters, twins, who turned 25 this summer, so we decided to host an 80 year birthday bash and we may have gone a little out of control with our Mexico-themed party. I’m talking excessive amounts of decorations, food, and drinks. We ate tacos for like three days.

But it was a success, and we made sure the decorations were neatly packed – we even spared the piñata so it can be used again in the future.

We also attended the wedding of one of my oldest high school friends, who married a lovely Frenchman, which meant we became acquainted with some hilarious French wedding traditions that involved songs, dances, and performances on top of chairs. A beautiful wedding and a great party – I’m always surprised at how seamlessly high school friends reconnect and fall back into old patterns! It’s like the last 10, 12 years never happened – anyone else have that with their high school friends?

But as great as both of those parties were, the main event of my Germany trip was my little sister’s wedding last week. I still can’t believe she’s married – she’s still like 12 years old in my head!

It won’t surprise you to hear that she looked absolutely radiant, that I cried like a baby during the ceremony, or that it feels like my heart is bursting out of my chest with joy for the both of them. Weddings are the best!

The week before was filled to the brim with wedding prep – they opted to do a basically 100% DIY wedding, so I spent hours ironing, folding, and decorating napkins with my mom, went on countless last-minute-errands, arranged roughly 50 flower decorations for the tables, and got up after 4 hours of sleep the day after to clean it all up again. But it was all worth it because the bride and groom had the best party and are off to their well-deserved honeymoon now.

The wedding tables


Adventure time

The next roughly two weeks aren’t going to be much more relaxed, either. We’re leaving for the big US adventure the weekend after next, so there are some last-minute preparations to take care of – packing lists to be written, road trip playlists to be compiled, loads of laundry to wash.

But then, almost four weeks of vacation await us, and I am READY.

  • I’ve got my new Osprey backpack ready to go – more on that next week.
  • I’ve downloaded Hillary Clinton’s new book on Audible for the long flights. I’m still a fan of hers, and I firmly believe she should be president right now.
  • I have done excessive research on all the top places to eat along our route. If you’re interested, you can find a lot of those on my Pinterest board. I can’t wait to taste wine at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains, tuck into succulent barbecue in North Carolina, and get buzzed on Hurricanes at Pat O’Brien’s in New Orleans!


What have you been up to?

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4 thoughts on “Coffee date”

  • Beautiful wedding table. Did you make the napkin rings? The flowers were perfect. I love the DIY idea for a wedding.

    I agree with you as. did the majority of Americans Hilary should have been president!

    • Hi Karen, thank you! Yes, we did make the napkin rings ourselves :) It was super fun to help with the wedding prep and decorations, and so great to be so involved and help make the day perfect for my sister and her husband (still feels weird to write that, haha). A little less fun to help with the cleanup after 4 hours of sleep, but that will make for great stories one day ;)

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